Wilkes-Barre audience cheers for “Uncle Joe”: Joe Biden visits Wilkes University on Clinton campaign stop

More than 700 individuals gathered inside the University Center on Main building at Wilkes University Friday afternoon for a visit with the Vice President of not the university, but of the United States.

“We at Wilkes are delighted to have an event like this on our campus,” said Wilkes University President Patrick Leahy. “Regardless of what political persuasion one is, it’s really important our students have access to these kind of political events and the fact that the sitting vice president who we think is the highest ranking government official to ever visit our campus is here is a real treat for us.”

Campaigning on behalf of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, members of local Clinton campaign organizers along with Representative Eddie Day Pashinski, Senator John Yudichak, candidate for Senator Katie McGinty, and Senator Bob Casey joined the stage.

Introducing Biden to the stage was Sara Wolff, a motivational speaker and NEPA local who also serves as a Down Syndrome advocate.

“I stand before you… as an American who happens to have Down Syndrome, who believes in Hillary Clinton and stands with her,” Wolff said.

Biden took to the stage to show his support for Clinton and his distrust in Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Discussing Clinton’s background in social work and family affairs, Biden expressed his wish to the audience that they see the Hillary he knows.

“This is about the dignity and respect for parents,” he commented, in regards to college affordability. “It’s a long more than the economy. It’s about dignity, it’s about respect… that’s what motivates Hillary.”

Sharing the story of an infant named Beau, named after the Vice President’s late son who passed away in May 2015, Biden explained that he cried. The sign of emotion was coined as being an honorable father, but he explained if Clinton were to cry, she would be accused of using the “woman card”.

Biden also touched on issues of the economy  and the working middle class. Being called “Middle Class Joe” in Washington is not viewed as a sophisticated term but Biden explained, “I’m pretty damn sophisticated about the middle class.”

Expressing his concern for a Trump presidency, Biden detailed recent scandals and flops by the GOP. Calling attention to the audience the claims of world leaders that feel that the current United States election “can’t be true” and calling Trump “void of intellectual context or he’s dangerous.”

Students in attendance expressed excitement over the Vice President’s visit.

“I think it’s really cool that they brought a local politician back to the area who obviously is a known figure and friendly face,” said sophomore secondary education and history major, Ian Valles. “I think he’s done a phenomenal job the past eight years… and improved our standing in the world.” Valles also serves as a Clinton campaign volunteer.

Speaking directly to the students in the room, Biden expressed his optimism for their future.

“America never bows. We never bend. We own the finish line this year and this century.”