The Beacon graduates seven seniors, says ‘hello’ to new staff

With the culmination of the 2019-2020 academic year, The Beacon honors seven graduates for their unwavering dedication and diligent work.

“I may not have said it enough, especially with the chaos of this semester, but I appreciate each and every one of you so much,” said adviser Dr. Kalen Churcher. “While I’m sure we drove each other crazy from time to time, I hope your experience with The Beacon was a good one.”

Cabrini Rudnicki, the publication’s editor-in-chief, graduates with majors in communication studies and psychology. She has a minor in women’s and gender studies. The shot-caller will be looking for work in New York City.

Rudnicki’s second-in-command, Madelynn Davis, graduates with dual majors in criminology and sociology, as well as a minor in women’s and gender studies. Davis aspires to have a career in law enforcement, specifically as a state trooper back home in New England. This summer, she plans on applying and taking the necessary tests for the New Hampshire State Police.

News editor Parker Dorsey earns a communication studies degree with all four concentrations – strategic communication, media production, multimedia journalism and rhetorical studies. He plans to attend grad school, work full-time, work part-time or a combination of the three.

Kylie Dillon – The Beacon’s life, arts and entertainment editor – graduates with a communication studies degree. Her concentrations include media production and strategic communication. She plans to obtain her MBA and eventually become a residence director at a university.

As for The Beacon’s Sports section, the paper says farewell to two editors, Ben Mandell and Kevin Singhel.

Mandell graduates with majors in communication studies and history. The co-sports editor hopes to pursue his journalism career and cover a professional team as a reporter or a broadcaster.

Singhel, on the other hand, majored in marketing and management with a minor in economics. The assistant sports editor plans to work as an SEO content writer to help clients with their digital marketing efforts.

Finally, The Beacon salutes Madison Hummer, the publication’s design editor. Hummer graduates with a major in communication studies and minors in studio art and women’s and gender studies. She will continue her positions at FOX56 WOLF-TV and Knot Just Any Day.

“Thank you all for everything you’ve done,” shared Churcher. “For being a right hand for the publication, for allowing me to pick on you, give you candy or give you just one more graphic to create. Thank you for the long hours on Saturdays and Sundays and the early mornings to cover a last minute event. Thank you for joining our nutty family and department to put out a great publication. You all will be missed.”

With the closing of one door comes the opening of another: The Beacon not only says farewell to its senior staff but also welcomes its 2020-2021 staff.

Editor-in-Chief: Kirsten Peters

News Editor: Sean Schmoyer

Asst. News Editor: Sara Ross

News Staff Writer: Genevieve Frederick

Opinion Editor: Breanna Ebisch

Asst. Opinion Editor: Zarqua Ansari

Opinion Staff Writer: Jordan Daniel

LA&E Editor: Maria DiBuo

LA&E Staff Writer: Emily Cherkauskas

Co-Sports Editor: Ariel Reed

Co-Sports Editor: Dylan Mehl

Sports Staff Writer: Christopher Gowarty

Photographer: Steffen Horwath

The editorial positions of managing editor, assistant LA&E editor, design editor and operations and social media manager remain open. The Beacon is additionally looking for more photographers and staff writers.