Student Government notes (March 18)

Wilkes holds first online Student Government meeting due to COVID-19

Tonight, Student Government held its first meeting online due to the closure of Wilkes’ campus from COVID-19. 

First, there was a fund request for the Big Event from the Executive Board’s Recording Secretary, Liam Bartko. This year it will be hosted on April 18.

The Big Event is a campus-wide community service event where Wilkes students can volunteer at a variety of sites, including Ruth’s Place, Blue Chip and the YMCA. For the event, Bartko requested $8,000 to cover costs. 

Lambda Kappa Sigma, a pharmacy fraternity, presented a fund request to attend the annual Lambda Kappa Sigma Convention in Indianapolis from July 23 to 25. At the convention, students will have the opportunity to network with other pharmacy students across the country, as well as practicing pharmacists. Students will also be able to give research presentations. To attend, the fraternity requires $5,800 for travel expenses. 

Next, there was a discussion about the Wilkes African Cultural Association (WACA) fund request for a fashion show. The organization’s mission is to share the African culture through interactive activities within the Wilkes community. In the fashion show, WACA members will wear African garments to raise awareness about the African culture. The group was allocated $500 for the event. 

The Wilkes Political Society went over updates to the group’s constitution, and they were approved. The society changed the number of executive board positions from eight to four and the chairperson position title to president. The Political Society combined the duties of some of the roles as well, such as their secretary of the society and secretary of student outreach. 

Finally, presidential nominations were decided. Executive Board Treasurer Kevin Long, and sophomore class president, James Hughes, will be the candidates for the upcoming Student Body President election. There will as well be nominations for the Mega Council. 

Student Government will hold another online meeting on March 25.