Student Government notes: Oct. 16 weekly meeting

Sara Ross, Staff Writer

This week’s Student Government meeting featured a donation to Interfaith, reports from both the Health & Safety and Operations committees and exciting news about upcoming campus events.

There was a second presentation from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) concerning a fund request for the Amazing Race on Oct. 25. SWE was looking to receive $550 to cover T-shirt costs and any incidentals. This amount was approved with 37 in favor, zero opposing and one abstaining.

The Wilkes College Democrats would like to attend the Independence Dinner at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on Nov. 1. This is the first annual Independence Dinner hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. There will be prominent speakers including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey. The Wilkes College Democrats are requesting a total of $1,200 for ticket and hotel costs.

Student Body President Alanah Guerrero made the proposition to allocate $300 towards Interfaith and it was approved. The Interfaith office is headed by Coordinator Kristin Osipower and it is involved with the Colonel’s Closet. The Colonel’s Closet provides food, household and personal care items for any member of the Wilkes community experiencing hardship.

There was a Health & Safety Report from Sergeant-at-Arms Nathan Pitcher. The Department of Health was giving out flu shots last Friday. The American Lung Association will be holding a discussion on Oct. 25 to go over the dangers of vaping.

Executive Board Treasurer Kevin Long had further news from Operations. There have been complaints about the Wilkes shuttle taking too long to pick up students. They are trying to work out a more efficient route. He added that one of the University Towers elevators is down and is supposed to be fixed sometime this week. Until it is repaired, students will have swipe access to the stairs.

Class reports started with the seniors as they decided on a Rock and Roll theme for their Downtown Establishment Tour on Nov. 9. The juniors will be selling Bluetooth speakers for $15 every day except for Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sophomores will be having their Root Beer Float Social soon and the freshman class is going to be having a Hawaiian luau-themed social later on in the year.

Some final notes include the Commuter Council continuing signups for their Washington, D.C. trip. Also, Freak Week is coming up, which will include a series of events like a Mobile Escape Room & Laser Tag, a Cupcake Giveaway, Ghost Hunters, Halloween Bingo and a T-Shirt Giveaway.