Student Government Notes: Sept. 25 weekly meeting

On Sept. 25, Student Government’s meeting featured first week presentations, open discussion questions and nominations for Member and Club of the Month.

President of the It’s On Us Club, Lindsey Becker, held a discussion about the formation of an It’s On Us chapter at Wilkes. The club’s mission is to combat college sexual assault by engaging students and changing campus culture. It aims to achieve its goals by teaching prevention education and training the next generation about sexual assault. At next week’s meeting, there will be a vote regarding their recognition.

There was also open discussions about whether or not student athletes should have preferential scheduling along with the Honors students and about conference rooming policies. It was decided that student athletes should not get this treatment. For conference room policies, the members came to the conclusion that students should sign a consent form before sharing a co-ed room.

Then Executive Board Treasurer, Kevin Long, talked about Casino Night. This year the festivities will take place from Oct. 21 through 25, and the theme is Casino Royale. Casino Week includes a showing of the Casino Royale movie on the 21, Texas Hold’em on the 22, Bingo on the 23, and Casino Night on the 25. The total budget for the event is $11,500, which will cover the cost of all prizes and set up.

There were then nominations for Club and Member of the Month. Student Government members selected Chemistry Club and Freshman Class President, William Forrest Doron III.

The Operations committee met as well, which was reported by Long. The 77 West apartments were finished last week. The elevator in Evans Hall will be under repairs for the next seven to eight weeks. For Homecoming weekend, Operations would like to have everyone who is parked in the Ralston parking lot to move their cars to make room for the festivities that weekend.

Juniors are going to be selling Wilkes Bluetooth speakers at the Homecoming game. Then seniors are going to have a Downtown Establishment Tour and a dog collars and blankets sale.