Student Government: April 24 weekly notes

On April 24, Student Government held their last meeting with new Student Body President, Alanah Guerrero, taking the lead on club reports, new business and final votes for the new executive board.

First, on the agenda were the club reports, starting with Wilkes African Cultural Association (WACA). This year they had an African Fashion Show and performed at the Multicultural Parade. One of their fundraisers was at the Geisinger School of Medicine.

WEBS also made an appearance to go over their club report. This year they participated at Adventures in Science and helped out at Wyoming Valley Seminary to do experiments with the students.

GSA’s events included having a Color Your Flag Day in the fall, where students got to color in flags that represent their different sexual identities. They put on the Drag Shows during both the fall and spring semesters.

Hip Hop Club came in as well. Some of their activities were a hip hop dance class, dance competition and showcase in the spring. They participated in the indoor color guard celebration too, and in the future, they would like to attend a dance convention in D.C.

Psychology Club reported how they have helped out with the neuroscience and psychology scavenger hunt. For fundraising, they had a sweat-shirt sale, and then for volunteering, they went to the Roots Place Women’s Shelter and Blue Chip.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club discussed their volunteering activities, such as cleaning the Berwick Community Center and the Student Government vans. In addition, in the fall and spring, they went to a few tournaments.

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) went to conferences in Lancaster and Gettysburg this year, where at one of them, they took first place in the Diabetes Competition. They also participated at the Big Event.

The Criminology and Sociology Club reported on their past events like Bowl for Kid’s Sake and a food drive for Colonel’s Closet. They also took a field trip to a jail, and for next year, they plan to have a Chipotle fundraiser and a clothing fundraiser.

Ecology Club had a walking taco fundraiser and went to an orchard and the Claws and Paws Zoo this year. To close out the semester, they are going to an aquarium in New Jersey and having study sessions for finals.

CSA Club’s events were Carnival Fever and CSA Week. They even collaborated with their sister clubs to put together an Afro-Caribbean dance class. Some of their future plans include a Caribbean food fundraiser and attending a leadership conference.

HLC Club, NSO, and EI Club then finished up the club reports, and they had successful and eventual semesters filled with fundraisers and other activities.

Moving on, the Video Game and Anime Clubs proposed to merge their clubs to form the Games and Media Club, which would solve problems both the clubs are struggling with and encourage more participation. There will be a vote next week during an online meeting.

WEBS came in again for a week two of two’s about their Summer Camp, which got approved and they received more money than they were originally asking for. In addition, the changes to the Pre-Pharmacy Club and WUPB’s constitutions were accepted too.

There were also nominations for Club and Member of the month, semester, and year as well as the final votes for the executive board. New e-board members include Treasurer, Kevin Long, and Corresponding Secretary, Logan Biechy.