Student Government notes: March 20 weekly meeting

This week’s Student Government meeting was the longest so far this semester and, it was full of first and second week fund requests, and a visit from Dr. Anne Skleder and Dr. Paul Adams.

Skleder and Adams came in to discuss student affairs regarding the inclement weather policy at Wilkes. Students expressed their opinions about the current policies, and what could be done to revise them, in order to take better courses of action in the future.

This week then started with a club recognition for the Silver Wings Club. If Silver Wings were to be recognized, they would be able to attend the National Conclave (NATCON), which is a gathering of Silver Wings and Arnold Air Society members from across the nation.

The Hospitality Research Group then started off the fund requests for attending the Hospitality Leadership Conference. The conference takes place on April 12 to the 13 in Las Vegas; they requested $214 for travel expenses.

The Frisbee Club made a constitution update, and the new changes make it mandatory for the officer and members to attend meetings and practices, along with other requirements.

Kappa Psi is looking to attend the Kappa Psi Grand Council Convention in D.C. from July 17 to the 21. The convention would allow pharmacy students to meet professionals in the field and build their portfolios. They requested $7,750 to cover their travel expenses.

Pre-Pharmacy Club is planning a trip to the American Museum of Natural History on Apr. 13. It is $20 per student to go on the trip, which will cover most of the costs, but Pre-Pharmacy would still need $990 for transportation.

The Education Club gave a presentation about going to the PSEA Education Conference March 28 through the 30 at Kalahari Resort. The theme of the conference is “Be the Wave of Change.” To attend, the Education Club requested $900 for registration and hotel fees.

Wilkes University School of Pharmacy students have been selected to attend the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence on May 29 through June 2 in Salt Lake City. They asked for $7,835 to attend this event.

Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS) made a request of $2,400 in order to go to the LKS convention in Milwaukee from July 31 to Aug.3. This convention allows pharmacy students to receive awards and gain networking opportunities.

The final first week discussion was for the Big Event on Apr. 27. Big Event is a campus-wide community service event around different businesses in Wilkes-Barre that will cost about $6,000.

Finally the Block Party, Student Body Forum, Spirit Committee, Capital Projects and the Commuter Council’s Constitution all passed with a majority in favor of each.