Student Government notes: Mar. 13 weekly meeting

The Student Government meeting started with a second presentation from the Nursing Student Organization (NSO).

The NSO was looking for funds in order to attend the National Student Nurses Association Convention (NSNA) in Salt Lake City. The event will take place from April 3-7. By attending the convention this year, the NSO hopes to establish the precedent of attending the convention every year to provide nursing students with networking opportunities.

NSO requested a total of $5,760, which would cover all the travel expenses for four students. However, though the motion passed with 18 in favor, 14 opposing, and zero abstaining, they only received $5,440, which excluded food costs.

Next was a discussion about the Block Party, which will take place later this spring on Apr. 13 from 12 to 4 p.m on the Fenner Quad. The Block Party is carnival themed, and will include games and activities, such as a dunk tank, tye-dying and face painting. The total amount requested for the event is $10,550, which will cover all expenses.

Next, on the agenda, is the Student Body Forum. Student Body Forum seeks to provide Wilkes students with the opportunity to make a positive impact on campus for future students by voicing their opinions to Student Government about what changes they would like to see made. It will be held on Apr. 2 from 5 to 7 p.m in the Henry Student Center lounge and will need $500 to cover all costs.

The Spirit Committee also presented their Spring Into Sports Giveaway which will include prizes like Wilkes baseball caps. The total budget will vary depending on the number of hats they decide to get — either $1,023 or $1,576.

Last but not least, there was a discussion from Capital Projects, who provides funding for university projects. Upcoming projects involve the replacement of the carpet in the Green Room at Marts Center with blue turf, and the restoration of the Student Government volleyball sand court.

The total cost for both projects comes to a total of $62,514, which breaks down into $55,560 for the new turf room and $5,000 for the volleyball court.

Final announcements include some changes that were made to the Commuter Council’s constitution. The Commuter Council combined its two secretary positions into one and they are looking to have a public relations officer as well.

Student Government had its nominations and votes for the Member of the Month and Club of the Month. Sophomore, Kevin Long won Member of the Month, while the NSO won the Club of the Month.

After this, the classes went over their upcoming activities. The freshman class is planning a Dogs and Donuts Day during finals week, and the sophomores are having Moe’s Monday on Apr. 15. In addition, tickets for Spring Fling will be sold up until Mar. 22.