Accelerated Nursing Program Receives 100 percent Pass Rate

The Passan School of Nursing announced that the last cohort from their accelerated baccalaureate in nursing program all received a 100 percent pass rate on the national examination they take to become registered nurses. This 28-student cohort completed the program in 2018.

The National Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is a standardized test that is taken nationwide to measure entry-level nursing competence. The test consists of a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions all testing critical thinking skills to make different judgment calls as a nurse.

The test takes place on a computer program that assesses the student as the answer each question. With each question being answered either correctly or incorrectly, the computer determines if they are ready to work in a clinical setting. If at the point the student reaches question 75, the test will either be completed because they are believed to be ready or it will continue up to question 265. It will also determine if the student is not ready for the exam and will fail the student.

For those accelerated students, for the most part, all finished their exam at question 75 and passed.

Dr. Maria Grandinetti, the coordinator of the accelerated program, talked about the NCLEX and how the program has adapted to better prepare their students for the exam.

Grandinetti said that because the NCLEX is a computerized exam that does not allow the student taking the exam to go back to previous questions, nursing now has computerized exams that mimic that test to better prepare them. They only allow students a small calculator that is apart of the program, a highlighting tool, and an option to get rid of wrong answers.

Since implementing this tactic with the last cohort, their overall score has increased.

The accelerated program is a 12-month long program for students that already have their bachelor’s degrees to become registered nurses. The program is rigorous and teaches all the necessary information and skills to helps them pass the NCLEX and to go on and be nurses, further their education and many more options.

Grandinetti, who was also an accelerated student herself years ago, understands these students and the program has overall become an interest and a passion for her.

“This is where I gravitate towards,” said Grandinetti. “This is really my passion…There is nothing better than seeing a student be successful in the program and being successful on the NCLEX.”

The Dean of the Passan School of Nursing Dr. Deborah A. Zbegner also commented on the high pass rate of the accelerated students.

“For our students to have 100 percent of first-time pass rate is an incredible accomplishment for the school,” said Zbegner. “The students work very hard.”

Zbegner accredited the high passing rates to a joint effort between faculty and students. She said that faculty tries to come up with innovative ways to help better teach the students and that the students put in the hard work.

“I think both faculty and students have really risen over the past five years,” she added. “Nursing is an incredible profession that offers you change, it offers you the flexibility and it provides growth in education.”

One of the current accelerated, Katrina Organ, also commented on the program and her experiences with practicing for the NCLEX.

“I was not super familiar with computer testing,” said Organ, “So having the ability to have all of our exams and get used to it a year before you actually take the NCLEX, I feel that it is definitely an advantage.”

Organ also commented on the past cohorts 100 percent pass rate.

“It’s really exciting,” said Organ. “I hope we can keep it up and I do think that is a good indicator that the faculty really try to prepare us.”

The bachelor nursing students who took the test between Oct. 2017 and Sep. 2018 had 95.12 percent pass rate.