Weird News


A homeowner in Mobile Alabama found a dead shark in her yard after a bad case of flooding. Homeowner Whitney Constantine told WALA that her home floods when there is heavy rain, but that recent floods have been the worst she’s experienced. Constantine’s husband stated he will most likely bury the shark.


A man is facing charges after police say they found 7,000-10,000 guns stored on his property. Brent Nicholson, 51 has his loot stacked in his house, his parent’s home, a nearby storage building and the liquor store he runs with his father. Authorities also found crossbows, ammunition, taxidermied animal heads and scores of chainsaws.


An Alaskan woman shared a Facebook video of a moose wandering calmly in the lobby area of a grocery store. A store employee can be heard saying “I can’t let it come in” while blocking the doorway with her body. “Can you imagine?” she says.


An elderly woman saved herself during an assault by yelling ‘There’s the police!’. The spooked robber dropped his gun and fled. The gun was later found to merely be a BB gun. Police are still searching for the robber.


A hotel in Burlington is offering a new ‘roadkill’ menu this November. The hotel will host Wild About Vermont, a fish and wild game supper with consisting of donations from hunters and fishermen. Goose, deer, bear, moose and muskrat will be served. Fish caught in Lake Champlain will also be on the menu.