Student Government: Feb. 24 weekly meeting notes

Maddy Kinard, Staff Writer

Student Government held its fourth virtual meeting, in which the council had its first club report of the year and voted on the Theatre Department fund request. 

To start the meeting, President of the Society of Student Nurses Alanah Guerrero presented a report of their club. The Society of Student Nurses offers many benefits to Wilkes’ campus. They promote campus involvement, offer community service opportunities and patient education and promote visibility on campus. For the fundraisers they have so far, there has been a clothing and custom cookie sale. They have plans for an upcoming headshot fundraiser. 

Of the events to date, the society has been involved in Wilkes Adventure Education, badge reel bingo, a guest speaker about life in the operation room and a Black Lives Matter protest. Upcoming events include hosting a sophomore custom hanger giveaway (for the white coat ceremony), badge reel bingo part two, specialty trivia, a possible opioid awareness walk and two guest speakers. The speakers will touch on the Wilkes nurse practitioner program and life post-graduation. 

The Theatre Department returned to re-present their fund request to Student Government. As stated in the last meeting, the department was looking for three speakers, two subwoofers and five cables. In total, they asked for $10,000. This week, they further elaborated on how desperately they need these speakers, as most of the equipment in the theatre is out-dated. This would also not be a frequent purchase because the speakers would last for at least 50 years. 

The floor was opened for discussion and members of the council agreed that this purchase would affect many people, and it would be a great cause to put Student Government money toward. It would also be coming out of Capital Projects, as it benefits all of student life. 

A motion was made to allocate the full amount under Captial Projects, and the vote passed unanimously. 

In closing comments, class fundraisers and social planning are underway. Casino Week is still to be decided on. Another future event is Wilkes Giving Day, which will be held on March 11. 

The Operations Committee also reminded students that if they see suspicious activity or students not wearing masks to report it.