Wilkes University students receive PADE scholarships


Courtesy of Wilkes Marketing

Megan Senausky, Act 101 Program Counselor; Megan Oakley; Shyanne Wydo and Karen Riley, Act 101 Assistant Director.

Two Wilkes University students were awarded the Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators (PADE) Scholarships. PADE is a statewide professional, non-profit, educational organization addressing the needs and interests of developmental educators from every type of postsecondary institution in the state.

The students who received the scholarship were sophomore nursing major Megan Oakley and sophomore psychology major Shyanne Wydo. The students are participants in the Act 101 Program at Wilkes.

The Act 101 Program enhances the educational opportunities and achievements of undergraduate students, who are first-generation students and Pennsylvania residents. It also provides educational support services that allow students to earn a college degree.

It is a state-funded program under PHEAA which allocates funds to Pennsylvania schools that operate an Act 101 program at their institution.

Schools use these funds to provide services to academically and financially disadvantaged students to assist them so they can complete post-secondary study.

“I think I was selected because I care a lot about my education and love Wilkes,” Wydo said. “Getting this scholarship was the best feeling in the world, to be honest. I felt so honored the faculty chose me and thought so highly of my work ethic.”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania established the Act 101 program in 1971. Wilkes has sponsored an Act 101 program since 1976.

“You get the money from them seeing hard work and dedication. I got nominated by Thomas Thomas and Megan Jones. She nominated me and Shyanne because she always saw that I was always going to the extra study sessions and I was always doing whatever I could to bring up my grade. It’s like a reward from them saying that they recognize that we are trying. There are a lot of students who are trying so hard and don’t get anything for it,” Oakley said.

“I was so excited. I don’t win things like that. I’m not the luck-of-the-draw kind of person. The odds of us getting it at Wilkes and for her to nominate both of us, that’s usually not how anything normally works,” she added.

According to the Wilkes website, the Act 101 program assists students transitioning to college by assigning them a personal academic counselor to provide individual attention for guidance and focus.

This academic coach will listen to concerns and share strategies that have helped others achieve their goals. The Act 101 program offers academic, career and financial-aid guidance; peer and professional tutoring in most subject areas; professional study sessions in selected courses; and workshops to help improve performance.

Inquiries about the Act 101 Program should be directed to the Act 101 Office on the third floor of Conyngham Hall or the Office of Admissions.