Profile of a professor: Dr. Amy Hnasko, Education



Amy Hnasko

Brandon Belfonti, Staff Writer

Focused, dedicated, and child-centered.

These are the three words that Dr. Amy Hnasko said described her best. The last word, came with some deep thought and even more background.

The word should not be a surprise because Hnasko, originally from Ewing New Jersey, has just joined the Wilkes education faculty as an assistant professor in the undergraduate education program.

“My specialty is children from birth to third grade because I can make such a connection with them. If I am at a party or family gathering, the children will gather around me and I love that,” added Hnasko

Hnasko completed her undergraduate studies at Bloomsburg University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in education and has served as the early childhood program coordinator at Rowan University for the past year.

She also served at William Patterson as an adjunct for nine years, received her master’s at La Salle University, and her Doctorate from Rutgers.

“When I interviewed here I felt that this was a good staff with a great sense of collaboration,” said Hnasko. “My initial feeling was correct because that it is exactly what it is now.”

Hnasko talked about her intersts outside of education and childcare.

“I love being outdoors. I love the mountains and that is something great about this area,” said Hansko. “I have three children at the ages of twenty-three, nineteen, and seventeen – two girls and a boy. We have two dogs named Roxy and Lila. They are Yorkipoos.”

Hnasko is a part designing the new onlne TEACH (Teacher Education And Compensation Helps)  program of Pennsylvania.

Only Wilkes and Drexel University are currently involved with.

“[TEACH] works with early childhood providers, colleges and child care staff to offer scholarship programs and support systems that improve the education and compensation of child care workers.”

She ended the with why she likes Wilkes in particular.

“Pennsylvania has a different vibe than New Jersey. I like it. This is my first semester at Wilkes and I am still learning about the campus, but am excited to work here”.