Wilkes announces 2017 Business Partner of the Year


The Beacon/ Toni Pennello

Power Engineering Corporation was chosen as Wilkes University’s Business Partner of the Year, most notably for their work on the design and contruction of mechanical systems in the University’s newest facility at 141 S. Main St.

Power Engineering Corp. honored for work on Karambelas Center, other projects

This month, Wilkes University named Power Engineering their 2017 Business Partner of the Year.

Power Engineering Corportation is a Wilkes-Barre-based mechanical contractor. The firm was selected for their work on several projects at Wilkes, including the design and construction of the mechanical systems in the building housing the Karambelas Media and Communication Center and Sordoni Art Gallery, the university’s newest facility.

The award is meant to “recognize partner organizations that demonstrate outstanding quality, value and service to Wilkes University,” according to a press release.

University President Patrick F. Leahy said in the release that he was glad to announce the choice.

“I am so pleased to honor Power Engineering as our 2017 Business Partner of the Year,” he said. “We continue to make significant enhancements to our campus, and Power Engineering has exceeded expectations with their results and professionalism. They are an important partner and we look forward to continuing our work together.”

The corporation was one of five finalists for the award, and Wilkes Vice President of Finance and General Counsel, Loren D. Prescott, said in the document that the choice was not an easy one.

“We work with incredible business partners and are in the tough position to choose our finalists and ultimate honoree,” he said in the release. “I want to thank all of the business partners who made this year a successful one at Wilkes University.”

Also among finalists were Discovery Education, a media organization based in Silber Spring, Md.; Cocciardi and Associates Inc., a Jessup-based occupational health and safety firm; David Sheydwasser, a Kingston architect; and PNC Capital Markets LLC. All finalists were recognized at an event in January.

On behalf of Power Engineering, the firm’s president, Tara Mugford Wilson, and vice president, Tom Fritz, accepted the award.