Wilkes University Student Government Notes

Meghan Burns, Staff Writer

Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting on Wednesday evening.

To begin the meeting, there was a guest report from the Resident Dining Hall Manager. He came in to introduce himself and to get better acquainted with the students. His goal, he said, is to create a better relationship between the students and the dining hall staff.

The Wilkes University Ultimate Players Club came in for Week 1 of 2 to present their constitution revisions.

The revisions include clear descriptions of responsibilities for each executive board member. The nomination was also more clearly outlined. The club added Article 6, which states reasons for officer removal and the process behind the actual removal.

Recall of officers was amended as well as adding the allowance of officers possibly being removed if so needed.

Article 8 was amended as well, in which it was added that the co-captain would take over if the captain is not present, which removes the possibility of allocating too much power to the president.

Amendments were made to the practice and scheduling article as well. The amendment article was also revised. The club will return next week with updates and revisions.

NSO came in to present its fund request for week 2 of 2. The club is requesting funds to attend a conference. The total amount requested was $3,170.64 including program registration, banquet registration, hotel rooms, gas, meals and parking for 15 students.

A motion was made to allocate $2,146.64 to the NSO Club for everything except food, with the stipulation that any money not used is to be returned to student government. The board voted and the motion was passed.

The Student Government then voted on its shirt design. The group voted and approved a T-shirt costing $8.90 per shirt with their logo and a Wilkes colonel.

No Shave November event came in to present for week one of two. Student government will hold a No Shave November contest. The rules state that a participant cannot shave for 30 days, but can groom and trim. Men and women can participant in the event. Donations will also be accepted.

Participants will sign up and then have a picture taken of them at the beginning and end of November and the winners will be voted on based on these photos. The winner will win a gift card. T-shirts will be either $5.05 or $7.05 for larger sizes. People not participating can buy shirts for $10. That money will be allocated as a $5 donation and $5 back to SG. Donations will go to four different organizations.

Student Government decided that the event starts on October 31st.

The Spirit Committee came in to present for week one of two. The committee wants to sponsor the Mayor’s Cup football game held at 12 p.m. Nov. 11 at Schmidt Stadium. Giveaway ideas include T-shirts and beanies and possibly girls ear warmer headbands. The total estimated cost for the event was $1,200.

The Spirit Committee wants to focus on the It’s on Us campaign with this as well. Discussion was made with suggestions and comments about their ideas. The Spirit Committee will return next week with updates.

Student Government voted on their Member of Month and Club of the Month. The Members of the Month were John Scalese, Michaela Chidiac and Shyann Barrett. The Club of the Month was the Education Club.

Operations Committee reported that construction for the new media center is starting. Therefore, the 141 N. Main Street parking lot will be closed until its completion.

The committee is also working to get singnage up. They reminded everyone that the last shuttle leaves at 6:45 p.m.

MSC reported that club members participated in the community Halloween party. The club will also be hosting a real talk event at 11 a.m. Nov. 3 in the Savitz Lounge. The theme is “Two Peas in a Pod; Social Injustice and Citizenship.”

MSC will be hosting its One World Party on 4 p.m. Dec. 2. They are also holding a canned food drive for Thanksgiving. If you give a donation you get ticket and can use to get a prize at One World Party.

Commuter Council reported its New York City bus trip tickets are selling very fast. Tickets are $25. The trip will be on Nov. 19.

Programming board reported that it will hold one concert in the spring semester. Members reminded the SG about the Freakfest event as well.

The IRC reported their Paint and Cider event went very well. They will also be holding cake challenge at 6:15 on Friday. The theme is fall with special ingredient is chocolate. Immediately following this event will be mansion tours with RAs.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $2,167.46; General Funds: $1,665; Conference: $5,000; Spirit: $2,000 for a SG total of $10,832.46.