Student Government notes

On Wednesday evening, the Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

SAE Baja came in to present their club report and a fund request for week two of two. The club reported they are currently building a car to use at a national competition. For their community service projects they plan to participate in Habitat for Humanity and The Big Event.

Their fund request was for $1,250. This money will be used for the registration fee for a national competition in which the team will build a car and race it. The club presented updates that they are on track with the plans for the car. The SAE club reported that if they do not make the list for competition, they do not have to pay.

The Student Government put a motion forward that the request be approved with the stipulation that all unused funds be returned to Student Government. The board voted and the motion was approved.

The Casino Week fund request was presented for week one of two. All of the tentative prizes were presented and priced. These include the latest apple products, a printer, a fitbit, concert tickets, cameras, various different brand name products, a PS4, a smart TV, and Apple TV, a bike, clothes, Xbox 1x, ski/snowboard set, a New York trip and various different gift cards.

The request was for $14,714.84. Casino week includes Texas hold’em, bingo, a programming board program and casino night. The student government discussed various prize options and the possibility of slot machines.

Updates will be presented next week.

The Student Government then voted on their Club of the Month and Member of the Month. Motions were put forth to nominate the History Club and SAE Baja. The board voted and SAE Baja won Club of the Month. The club will be featured by the Club Hub in the Henry Student Center.

Motions were put forth to nominate various different student government member for Member of the Month. These members include Hunter Hughes, Shyann Barret, Joseph Birden, Kyle Thomas and Caitlin Brossman. The board voted and Hunter Hughes was elected Member of the Month.

Operations reported that there is a brand new shuttle so the University currently has two. There will now be benches with charging stations in the Stark Learning Center.

The Senior Class reported the Downtown Establishment Tour will be Oct. 22. It will visit four bars. Tickets will be on sale next week.

MSC reminded everyone about the fall bus trip and the cultural dinner that will be held Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Commuter Council reported they will be holding a pumpkin painting event. The New York City bus trip tickets will be on sale soon.

The IRHC reminded everyone of the paint event coming up. They will also be holding the cake challenge on Oct. 28.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $15,632.83; General Funds: $22,965; Conference: $5,000; and Spirit: $2,000 for a SG total of $45,597.83.