City officials have announced that a skunk has tested positive for rabies in the Miners Mills section of the city


The city health department has warned that rabid skunks pose a threat to humans and other animals. During the latter stages of rabies, infected skunks tend to behave abnormally.

Healthy skunks are typically docile and nocturnal, while rabid skunks often act aggressively and may be seen wandering during the daytime. Skunks with rabies also frequently lose their fear of humans and may seem approachable.

Residents are warned to not approach a skunk.

To minimize the risk of contracting rabies, skunks should be avoided, especially in cases when they behave abnormally. People who own dogs or cats should immunize their pets with the rabies vaccine.

If you have any questions or see a skunk on campus that is acting abnormally, please contact the Wilkes-Barre City Health Department at 570-208-4268 and the Department of Public Safety at X4999.