SG Notes: Fund requests approved; PSEA, Capital Projects, Big Event; constitutions

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

Sarah Kennedy, member of the Wilkes University Dance Team delivered thei club report. The team danced at some of the home basketball games and had many different clothing fund raisers. The club recently collected prom dresses from Wilkes students and donated them to local high schools for students who could not afford to buy dresses. The club has participated in BIG Event in the past and plans to do so again this year. They hope to increase their presence at basketball games in the future.

Lennae Thompson (President), Karissa Hensel (Vice President), Dian McKinney (Secretary), Sarah Kennedy, and Jennifer Baron, members of the Education Club came in for week 2 of 2 to make a fund request for the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) Conference they will be attending in Valley Forge from March 31st to April 2nd. The club requested $1,600, which would cover registration, hotels, and gas for 12 students. Student Government allocated $75 per student for up to 12 students and $40 for gas reimbursement for a total of $940.

The Capital Projects group made a fund request for the second week. The group is hoping to get new materials and appliances for the facilities department at Wilkes. Items they wanted to purchase included two new grills, materials to make renovations on the volleyball court between Roth and Pearsall, volleyball net, one generator, 100 tables, and 100 chairs. They requested $13,938 to cover the costs. Student Government members decided to allocate $3,638 for two grills, volleyball court reconstruction, and a new net. They decided against a generator and instead increased the amount of tables to 125 and chairs to 250, which will cost $14,375. In total, Capital Projects was granted $18,013. As a part of this motion, members of Student Government also allocated $129 to purchase 10 new first aid kits for BIG Event.

Katelyn Jimison made a fund request for Big Event for week 2 of 2. Big Event is a day where Wilkes students participate in various community service events in the area. Big Event will take place on Saturday, April 30. Individuals or groups can register at Everyone who signs up will receive a T-shirt and drawstring bag. The request is for $5,764.26, which covers food, T-shirts, bags, and buses. She was allocated the full amount requested for BIG Event.

Valerie Woods, president of Programming Board, discussed the updates made to the group’s constitution. Notable changes include: Any general board members who would like to run for executive board can be excused for one of two semesters when it comes to meeting and event attendance if they have a class conflict, a marketing chairperson has been added to the executive board, and that in order to be president of Programming Board you must have served in another position on executive board for at least one year. Members of Student Government approved all of the updates.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $5,081.00, General Funds: $11,337.05, Conference: $414.10, Spirit: $1,440.00 for a Student Government total of $18,272.15.