New full service Starbucks coming in Spring 2016 semester; UCOM

A full service Starbucks being placed in the Gambini’s Cafe will be the next new addition to the list of alterations being made to Wilkes University campus.

Additions already made this past semester include the Gateway Project and the POD.

Whereas previously there had only been a few coffee options in the “We Proudly Serve Starbucks,” there will soon be a full menu upgrade for all beverages hot and cold. Latte’s and frappuccino’s will be included. In addition, there will be pastries and sandwiches that are typically served at other full Starbucks around the country.

In addition to a menu upgrade, Wilkes is also adding new indoor and outdoor seating, including umbrella tables in the Gateway for students to lounge and enjoy coffee and fresh air.

Similar to many of the upgrades that were made on campus, the new Starbucks is giving students a safer option as it is closer to campus than the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks in the Square. Students who need coffee late at night would usually travel to the Square will soon have option to get coffee and many other necessities right on campus.

This Starbucks is also a much safer alternative than traveling to get coffee in the Square because it is directly across from the Public Safety Headquarters. Rather than taking a long walk to get coffee before a late night study session, one can simply go on campus.

Construction on the Starbucks began on Nov. 6 and should be completed sometime in the beginning of January; just in time for the Spring semester. Flex Dollars, Dining Dollars, and cash will be accepted. In addition, students will be able to use the Starbucks App that allows students to make and pay for their order, earn and track rewards, and send gift cards to friends.

Gambini’s is also looking to hire 11 new employees, including Wilkes University students. This employment opportunity will involve two weeks of training in the new Gambini’s Starbucks. Although this is not a work study option, students are encouraged to apply if they are interested in becoming a barista.