SG Notes: Constitutional changes, IEEE, IRHC; Ski & Snowboard, Capital Projects, fund request

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

The representative from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) came in for the second week to present the updates made to their constitution. The main modifications involved changing the titles of officers, adding two new officer positions, and clarifying voting procedures. Student Government voted and the new constitution was passed.

Olivia Hewison, President of the Ski and Snowboard Club, requested funds for a trip to Killington, Vermont. The trip will be from Jan. 10 to 15, which is a Sunday to a Friday during winter break. The trip is open to Wilkes students, alumni and other outside participants. The club is hoping to have students from the King’s Ski and Snowboard Club join in on the trip. Students pay for lodging and tickets. The club requested $3,600.00 to cover the cost of transportation via Coach bus. The vote for the fund request will be made next week.

Theresa Kloeker and Karissa Hensel, the President and Vice President of the Education Club, came in for week 1 of 2 to present their new constitution. Members will vote next week about approving the constitution changes.

Melissa Zappala, a sophomore member of Student Government, requested $1,209.00 for 200 shirts that will be given out at the football game on Saturday, Oct. 31. Student Government allocated the full amount for the shirts.

Keri Diehl, President of the Inner Residence Hall Council (IRHC) presented for the second week about revisions made to the IRHC constitution. Some are to allow commuters to participate in the club, clarify the Resident Assistant (RA) fund request process and allow every RA to have a hall ambassador. The new constitution was approved and is now in effect.

The Capital Projects Committee requested $10,000.00 that will go toward the new commuter lounge, which will be in the Hiscox Room on the second floor of the SUB. The full amount was allocated for the renovations and resources for the room.

Dylan Fox was voted to be the Student Government Member of the Month for October.

The Food Committee discussed what will be happening around campus. Gambini’s will close Dec. 6 so that the renovations to make it a Starbucks can begin and be running when students return from break. It was also brought up that they are looking into having coffee in the library, more vegetarian options in the dining hall and increasing the weekend hours in the cafeteria. The reusable containers will go into effect soon. Students can purchase a container for $5 and it can be used to take out food from the cafeteria, rather than eating there. Students can bring the dirty containers back to the cafeteria and  receive a clean one.

The sophomore class is selling tuxedo shirts for $10 each.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report and the current budget is as follows: All College: $749.88, General Funds: $5,493.26, Conference: $2,662, Spirit: $2,000.00 for a Student Government total of $10,905.14.