SG Notes: Constitutional changes, NSO, vehicles

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

IEEE presented its revised club constitution for review to the board. Changes included revisions to their national dues, officer titles, elections, meeting notifications, and subcommittees.

The board will vote on the constitutional changes next week.

The Nursing Student Organization (NSO) came in for week 2 of 2 to ask for a fund request to attend a conference. The conference is the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) Convention. While there, students will participate in an NCLEX Bowl, NCLEX Review Sessions, hear speakers and attend workshops. By attending, students will gain knowledge that can be shared with the entire nursing class and bring attention to Wilkes.  There are 16 students participating in the conference, 10 officers from NSO and six additional participants from the organization. Student Government casted their vote and approved the request.

IRHC also presented week 1 of 2 for their constitutional revisions. Changes included membership, voting rights, and procedures.

The changes were made to make IRHC more inclusive to the campus community.

The board will vote next week. 

Capital Projects came in for week 1 of 2 for  fund approval of a new commuter lounge in the Hiscox room. Funds are requested for storage units, lounge furniture, and a bulletin board as well as a few suggestions such as a TV which was discussed at the meeting.

The board will vote on the final budget next week.

SG Vehicle policy changes were discussed. Changes were made to ensure the proper use of the vehicles by undergraduate students only as well as vehicle up keep.

The council reviewed the treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $749.88, General Funds: $5,493.26 Conference: $5,000, Spirit: $2,000.00 for a Student Government total of $13,243.14.