New internship and employment oppportunities give students a chance to SHINE

In January 2015, Wilkes University took a leadership role as the educational host of for the Luzerne County SHINE Program. With the welcoming of the program to campus, students now have the opportunity to reach out to the surrounding community and also get paid for their efforts.

As the latest program in the progression of the “Operation Gang Up” movement, the award winning School and Homes in Education (SHINE) after school program has gone from a mere concept to reality in a few short months. With more than $1 million being funded from a combination of federal, state and private sources, the SHINE Program aims to improve educational opportunities for schoolchildren in the county.

Originally in Carbon and Schuylkill county school districts, the SHINE program was  brough to Luzerne County and Wilkes University  by Sen. John Yudichak-D and U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta-R. The SHINE Program has a three-year plan that includes an increase of student involvement each year. Their goal is to reach 500 students in 2015; 800 in 2016; and 1,000 in the third year.

Through this program, Wilkes students can expect to work with elementary and middle school students in various grades after school, whether that requires one-on-one tutoring or aiding in after-school activities.

This opportunity should especially interest primary and secondary education majors.

“A commitment to our community is part of Wilkes University’s mission… Our students (will also be) the beneficiaries, engaging with the community and providing services as tutors and teachers while gaining valuable experience working with youth.”

In addition, students studying in the education field will also learn about teaching the different subject areas in Early Education. Heavily focusing on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) school subject areas, participants will learn about how students learn and understand, as well as observing their speciality interests or passion in specific areas.