Student government changes: New faces and spaces


Jesse Chalnick

At last Wednesday’s meeting, members of Student Government were able to view their new office space for the first time since renovations began this summer. The new office is located within the Henry Student center lounge which was once meeting space and the Leadership room.

Elections have come to a close and Student Government welcomed 17 new board members and unveiled a new office.

The freshman class appointed Jeremey Tomaine as its president, Kyle Thomas as vice president, Jasmine Quintana as treasurer and Ian Valles as secretary. There are also six representatives from the freshman class, including Noah Yurkanin, Joseph VanderWaag, Harrison Eckert, Caitlin Brossman, Ydalisa Rodriguez and Shannon Festa.

The sophomore class elected Jeremy Yeoman as class president, Paige Gallagher as VP, and Nathan Barnhart as treasurer.

The junior class selected two class representatives, Scott Vandine and Emma Leach.

The senior class chose Thomas Schmidt as their representative.

Purvit Patel, Parliamentarian for Student Government, said that this was the “biggest election in years,” and that they had many candidates running for various positions.

Each new member will be appointed a mentor to help them acclimate to their new role in Student Government. The mentors will provide advice and guidance to the new board members, helping them successfully maneuver through their duties.

Through the election process, the election committee encountered a slander offense by a student running for office, which caused the other candidates to be monitored more closely, as Patel noted.

The members are not the only things that are new, however. There is also a new office and Club Hub, which is a store stocked with supplies that clubs may need.

The Club Hub will be open to all clubs and will run on a point system. Each club will be allotted a set number of points and can use them to purchase items they may need for crafting, events, and the like.

There will be a work study position open to monitor the Club Hub, which there will be more details on shortly.

For more information about Student Government or Club Hub, contact President Anthony Fanucci at [email protected].