Emanuel hosts writer’s workshop; advice to aspiring publishers

After serving as a guest speaker, Lynn Emanuel also spent time speaking to students one on one during a writer’s workshop. Emanuel answered questions about her experience as a writer and her career as an educator. As for when Emanuel knew she would pursue a career as an author, she expressed, as an undergraduate in the English department, English was not viewed as a profession for which you could train individuals, unlike departments now. Emanuel fell in love with the idea of a career in English when the newer theories of writing and literature came to the forefront. She continued by describing how she earned her doctorate degree in English by alternating semesters teaching at the University of Pittsburg and completing her degree at the University of Iowa.

Emanuel also spoke about the pros and cons of Low Residency Master’s programs in English/Writing. She informed students of the positive attributes associated with publishing work as the result of successful completion of a Master’s program.

Many creative writing students use the process of writing and revision to work towards a goal of publishing. As a writing and literature student, Emanuel and I discussed the process of publishing poetic works in literary journals and magazines. She offered valuable advice to those seeking to publish works. Emanuel counseled, “continuously work on the craft of writing.” She further elaborated on the progress of having a work published by affirming, “It all depends on the work itself!” Emanuel spoke about creating the best and most concise work to send to editors and judges. Emanuel elaborated even though works chosen often match editors’ and judges’ personal styles, working to improve writing always produces the greatest chances of being selected. On advice for judged and editorial contests, Emanuel noted before submitting ask yourself, “Do I love the author’s [who is editing] work?”

For those in creative writing looking to break into the world of publishing, Emanuel’s advice is instrumental. Offering students advice based on her personal experiences of publishing and serving on editorial boards provided students the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the world of submitting and publishing work.

After the workshop, Emanuel held a reading of her works. The reading held in the Kirby Salon at 7 p.m. was open to the public. Emanuel’s day on campus concluded with her signing books for those in attendance.