SG notes: Spring Fling approved; club recongnition, requests

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held their weekly meeting.

Last week, there was a non-club request, which was a senior project request. A total of 8 students from the EES and ENV department were accepted to present their senior projects at The Geological Society of America. They requested $2,000 to cover the registration fees, lodging, and extra workshops. Student Government allotted a total of $720 for registration and the extra workshops to the 8 students.

As another follow up on last week’s meeting, the budget for the annual Spring Fling dance was presented. The dance will be held at Genetti’s on the square, on March 27 from 6-11 p.m. Tickets will go on sale February 23 and then again after Spring Break. There will be a cover band playing as the entertainment in place of the DJ and there will also be the photo booth that was there in the past. The budget of $16,000 was passed by Student Government.

There was a lot of new business brought to the board’s attention this week. First, there is a new Badminton club forming on campus. The club currently has about 50 members.

Next, the Mini Baja club on campus is looking to revamp and update their constitution. This club provides real world practice to various engineering majors by allowing them to design a car. The new constitution will be reviewed by Student Government and during week two of two.

The Psychology club put in two requests this week. They first requested funding for the Eastern Psychological Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The total cost of conference is $3,329.12. The club has only requested $270 from Student Government to cover the registration fees for the conference. Their second request was for a day trip for all of the club members to the Franklin Institute. The club is requesting $279.45 to cover their tickets to enter, the tolls, and parking.

The next request came from Capital Projects. Some items that were presented include a new Student Government vehicle, a Chevy Traverse, snow brooms, Casino Night bingo cards and cages, and first aid kits that can be provided for every site during the Big Event. The total projected cost was $28,567.28.

Lastly, the projected budget needed for casino night was presented. This committee has sent out student surveys to generate some new ideas for prizes this year. There are bigger prizes this year, compared to past years, causing a slight incline in the budget. There was a positive reaction from the board after all the new prizes were presented. The total budget came to $12,299.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report. The current budget is as follows: All College: $36,786.37, General Funds: $10,206.20, Conference: $2,875.00, Spirit: $1,250.00 for a Student Government total of $51,117.57