SG Notes: Club, guest reports; fund requests

On Wednesday, Wilkes University’s Student Government held its weekly meeting.

Michael McCleaf, president of the Chemistry Club, was back for the second week to request funding for the American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, California. There will be six students attending the meeting. They will be presenting about the Chemistry Club at Wilkes and will see how other schools operate their chemistry club. In addition, two students are presenting research at the conference. The total cost of the trip is $6,480 and the club requested $2,500 from Student Government. It was voted that $2,500 would be allocated to the Chemistry Club.

Jennifer Magnotta came in for week one of two to request funding for The Vagina Monologues. The Vagina Monologues supports the V-Day movement, which is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. The objective of the Monologues is to raise awareness about violence against women while also raising money to donate to local charities that assist women and children. They are requesting $1,000, which will allow 200 people to attend the event without having to pay. If the event does not have 200 students, the left over money will be donated. The members will vote next week.

The Psychology Club made a fund request for the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in New York City from March 4 to March 6. Some of the students in the club will be presenting at the conference. They will attend lectures and information sessions. They club is requesting $881.58 for the trip that, in total, costs $5,285.38. The members will vote next week.

Felicia Snyder and Paige Gallagher made a fund request for the Adventures in Science program. Adventures in Science is coordinated by Mrs. Debra Chapman and is a campus wide event designed to increase the enthusiasm and interest in science. On April 29, 269 students from Hazleton and Crestwood school districts will be coming to Wilkes to participate in this event. The total cost of the program is $6,140 and they are requesting $2,800 from Student Government. The members will vote next week.

The Capital Projects team made a fund request that will benefit the Wilkes Adventure Education program. They would like enough funds that will allow them to install a Ropes Course and a High Elements Course in UCOM. These two courses will include a rock wall that will cost $1,385.00, a zipline that will cost $7,440, a shipmast net that costs $4,234, and a taverse net that costs $2,145 for a grand total of $16,504 for the whole project. The members will vote next week.

Capital Projects also is requesting $5,075.00 for 20,000 new chips that will be used at Casino Night. The members will also vote on this next week.

Autumn Peck, President of the Biology Club, delivered the club report. Last semester, the club volunteered for the CEO food drive, the Thanksgiving food drive, the Passport to Science program, a highway cleanup, the majors fair and the Wilkes Family Halloween Party. This semester, the club plans on participating with the Food Barrel drive and a spring highway cleanup. They would also like to volunteer at Blue Chip Farms, visit local elementary schools, and participate in the Adventures in Science program. The Biology Club would like to go to Philadelphia this semester. They also want an end of the year party and to give prizes for the most active club participants.

Shyann Barrett and Dylan Fox gave a report for the Pre-Pharmacy Club. The club has participated in pharmacist meet and greets,  roundtable events and will participate in the Big Event. The club is looking into selling lanyards and long sleeve T-shirts as a fundraiser.

The Psychology  Club also delivered its club report. In the fall, the members went on a trip to Roba’s and fundraised for the Eastern Psychological Association. This semester, the club would like to bring in speakers, participate in the Adventures in Science program and are looking to volunteer at Hillside or Blue Chip Farms.

The council reviewed the Treasurer’s report and there was no change from last week. The current budget is as follows: All College: $47,578.58, General Funds: $26,222.05, Conference: $1,795.68, Spirit: $2,000.00 for a Student Government total of $77,596.31.