AOTW: Catey McFadden, senior basketball player

The Beacon: Female Athlete of the Week 2/5 – 2/11 Why Catey McFadden was selected: Catey McFadden had a team-high 13 points in a loss against Miscericordia on Feb. 10. Congratulations, Catey!


Nicole Gaetani

Catey McFadden, senior basketball player

What head coach Chris Heery said: “Catey is a four year starter and a senior captain. She has given her all to Wilkes Basketball.”

Name: Catey McFadden

Year: Senior

Major: Early Childhood and Special Education

Minor: Reading

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa.

High School: Archbishop Wood HS

Position: Guard

Driving force for your decision to come to Wilkes?

I knew that I didn’t want to go far and I wanted to play basketball. Wilkes also has a great education department that I wanted to be a part of.

Favorite thing to do during practice?

Old Farts and Babies. This is a game that we play during the practice before every game. The game is the freshman and sophomores (Babies) vs. the juniors and seniors (Old Farts). Whichever team makes three shots and a half court shot first wins. I must say Old Farts have had the most wins on the season.

When/Why did you first begin playing?

I first began playing basketball in 1st grade. It was just one of those sports that everyone played growing up so I decided to try it and realized that I enjoyed it so I stuck with it.

Post graduation plans in terms of a career?

I plan to move back to Doylestown and work in my home school district in a 1st or 2nd grade classroom.

What does “Be Colonel” mean to you?

“Be Colonel” means being a leader in everything that you do on and off the court. It means putting in your best effort and representing something that is more than a University.

If you could have dinner with a famous person from the past, who would it be?

Robin Williams.

Favorite building on campus?

The SUB.

Other interests or hobbies off of the field?

Other than basketball, I enjoy watching Netflix (currently watching Grace and Frankie) (10/10 would recommend), hanging out with friends, and going home to spend time with my family.

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

The chicken.  #Godisgood

Hopes for this season as a Colonel?

Given that it is the end of the season, I hope to make the best of my last game here at Wilkes University. I hope to finish the season on a positive note and get the win with my team.

Most influential person in your life?

Nick Foles.

Favorite meal to eat on campus?

Chicken Cheesesteak with Curly Fries from Grille Works.

A quote you live your life by? “Life’s too short to be taken so seriously.”

Favorite professor?

Dr. Polachek.

Anyone to give a shout-out to?

Nicole Farrell, Jayflo3, Carson Wentz.

Complied by Alex Kielar, Asst. Sports Editor