MAOTW: Ja’Quan Sheals, freshman football player

The Beacon: Male Athlete of the Week Oct. 20 to Oct. 26 Why Ja’Quan Sheals was selected: Sheals recorded a career-high 154 yards and a touchdown on the ground in the Colonels 36-35 overtime victory against Misericordia on Oct. 26.


Kirsten Peters

Male Athlete of the Week: Ja’Quan Sheals

Name: Ja’Quan Sheals

Year: Freshman

Major: Sports Management

Hometown: Mulberry, Fla.

High School: Cheshire Academy

Position: Running Back


Driving force for your decision to come to Wilkes?

I decided to attend Wilkes University because the school gives me a chance to capitalize on my dreams, future and family. 

Post-graduation plans in terms of a career?

My post-graduation plans are to continue my career in football. I also would like to expand my connections in the business world.

Favorite building on campus?

The Marts Center.

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

The egg.

Hopes for this season as a Colonel?

My hopes are to win the rest of our games and set new records. I want to continue to strive for excellence and learn from every mistake, as well as win a bowl game and compete for national playoffs.

When/Why did you first begin playing?

The first time I fell in love with the game was when I was eight. My grandpa signed me up to play. Football has taught me a lot and it has always stuck with me since I was young. 

Favorite thing to do during practice?

My favorite thing to do during practice is running back individual drills. I get to master my craft. 

If you had to choose one thing about your program that you could improve, what would it be?

I would say getting new uniforms and adding a jumbotron. 

Other interests or hobbies off of the field? 

Working out, singing, reading, bible study and spending time with friends and family. 

Most influential person(s) in your life?

Deion Sanders. He’s a God-fearing man and he’s disciplined. He always given me the best advice on the field and off. 


If you could have dinner with a famous person from the past, who would it be? 

Bill Gates. I want to know what did to become successful. 

Coke or Pepsi?


Favorite meal to eat on campus?

The veggies.

A quote you live your life by? 

“Speak what you seek until you see what you said.” 

What does “Be Colonel” mean to you?

“Be Colonel” means doing everything the right way, even when no one is watching. Also, challenging yourself to be better than who you were yesterday.

Anyone to give a shout-out to?

To God, my family and my football family.

-Compiled by Kirsten Peters, Co-Sports Editor