AOTW: Abby Keating, sophomore swimmer

The Beacon: Female Athlete of the Week Feb. 2 – Feb. 9 Why Abigayle Keating was selected: Keating secured the Colonels lone victory in their meet against King’s; she touched the wall at 2:21.44 in the 200 Backstroke, beating her competitors by nearly six seconds. The win complemented her second place finish in the 200 IM.


Kirsten Peters

Female Athlete of the Week: Abby Keating, sophomore swimmer

Name: Abby Keating

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pharmacy

Hometown: Spring Grove, Pa.

High School: Spring Grove Area HS

Position: IM, Distance, Freestyle,      

Butterfly and Backstroke

Driving force for your decision to come to Wilkes?

Wilkes has the pharmacy program that I sought for when looking at schools, as well as a relatively new swim team that I knew I could grow with.

Post graduation plans in terms of a career?

After graduation, I would like to work in a hospital pharmacy setting.

When/Why did you first begin playing?

I started swimming when I was five years old because it was the only sport that could hold my attention.

Favorite thing to do during practice?

Doing relay starts with the team.

Hopes for this season as a Colonel?

Hopefully, I can win the gold medal in the 400 IM at the MAC Championships, as well as place in the top three for my other two events.

If you had to choose one thing about your program that you could improve, what would it be?

Our women’s team is very small; I would like to see more numbers.


Other interests or hobbies off of the field?

I love my dogs and watching Netflix. 

Favorite professor?

Dr. Ken Klemow. He has made biology enjoyable and funny. 

Favorite building on campus?

The SUB.

Favorite meal to eat on campus?

When the SUB serves beef wellington during their upscale nights.

Coke or Pepsi?

Neither; Dr. Pepper is superior.

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

The egg. Dr. Klemow taught me that the egg evolved first.

Most influential person in your life?

My mother. She is not only my twin, but my mentor in every way. 

If you could have dinner with a famous person from the past, who would it be?

Robin Williams. I would love to understand his feelings and learn about his life and career.

A quote you live your life by?

“The journey is never ending.”

What does “Be Colonel” mean to you?

It means being the best influence possible and being a leader to others.

Anyone to give a shout-out to?

Coach Thomas Limouze. He has greatly advanced both swim teams and has pushed me to do great things.

-Compiled by Kirsten Peters, Co-Sports Editor