New intramurals director leads program


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Intramurals players participate in a basketball game during the spring basketball season earlier this year.

When going on to college, some students are focused on picking a college for its academic reputation, whereas others are more focused on athletics.

Wilkes is not only onsidered an exceptional academic option, but its athletics also draw attention. For those who are not interested or able to play Division III sports here at Wilkes, intramurals become an option if he or she does not want to give up their athletic career.

Currently, intramurals are set to start on Oct. 4, with three intramurals being offered in the fall: kickball, flag football and indoor soccer. The amount of intramurals can increase or decrease based on student involvement. In order to sign up, students can click the link about intramurals in their Wilkes Today email or go to the Wilkes athletic page and look under “Intramurals.”

According to new intramural director Nick Doyle, only soccer has enough students signed up for student participation at the moment.

In hopes of bringing intramurals into the spotlight, Doyle said, “Try something new. It is a great opportunity to meet new people on campus and to do something fun with your friends.”

Doyle is a huge proponent for creating a campus environment, in which he thinks intramurals can help to facilitate creating this community.

Although Doyle is optimistic that he can help mold the campus environment through intramurals, Doyle is realistic that students are usually weary when it comes to joining them.

“There seems to be a misconception that if you play intramurals that it will take up a lot of your time and that you’re making a big commitment,” said Doyle. But Doyle helped to clarify this misconception, stating, “In reality, you’re only making a commitment to a couple hours a week at night to play a game with your friends.”

In addition to being the new director for intramurals, Doyle is also the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team here on campus, which could pose some challenges. But according to Doyle, being organized is the key to managing these two positions.

“Balancing my intramural duties with being the assistant basketball coach, at first you would think would be challenging, but I really strive to plan ahead and keep everything organized so I haven’t had much trouble yet,” explained Doyle. “I think it’s all about time management and organization when it comes to balancing these two duties.”

Besides being the new director, Doyle notes that it is really the players that shape the program.

When it comes to soccer, junior Ethan Lauck and fifth-year senior Zackery Spears are both grateful for the opportunities they’ve had to play intramural soccer.

According to Lauck, who’s played intramural soccer every semester, it has allowed him to get out of his dorm and away from the books. Lauck also notes that intramurals tend to have the misconception of lacking competitiveness, but he argues that the games can be as competitive as the team desires.

“To those who are on the fence, I would say show up to a game and see if you would like it and ask to join a team,” urges Lauck. “Most teams would be more than happy to make room; I know mine would be if asked.”

In addition to Lauck, Spears also emphasizes the benefits of joining an intramural team.

Spears notes that individuals might think that it could be difficult to join and could be fearful of not having a friend to join with them.

“You can join and be put on a random team, that’s what I actually did during my freshman year, and made friends with the people on my team that I still keep in contact with and play with today,” Spears specified.

To students on the fence, Spears encourages them to join and make friends with whatever team they’re put on and to enjoy playing the sport.

Overall, intramurals give students an opportunity to be involved on campus, take a break from academics and to make long-lasting friendships while playing a sport that they love or will grow to love.