The more common, yet still difficult idea of interracial dating

Andre Spruell , Opinion Co-Editor

Throughout world history, there have been many instances where nations try to conquer others and force them to follow their particular way of life. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular for people to date outside of their culture.

Being a product of interracial parents, I know all the difficulties they went through in the 90s and, even today, what I personally have to endure.

Even though it has become more common for people to date outside of their culture and race, there are still many difficulties present.

Although the idea of dating someone outside of your race or culture is great because it creates diversity, there are people who are not as comfortable with it.

There are many factors as to why someone may not be comfortable with it. Two common factors are racism and the fact that it is a new idea.

Racism is one of the first rationales that comes to mind for the simple fact that if someone has a race or ethnicity that stirs them the wrong way, that person would not be comfortable with someone they care about dating someone else from that certain hated race.

It seems that the ones that have the biggest problem with interracial dating are people from previous generations, which are parents and grandparents. This makes sense because the idea of dating someone outside of their culture was not as common in their generations.

The fact that this is new also bothers many people from these generations because when change comes about, people either adapt to the change or try to resist it. For the most part, the older generation tends to resist it unless they have dated outside of their culture themselves.

When it comes to interracial dating, the previous generations having an issue with it is what makes it the most difficult.

I think this aspect makes it the most difficult because the older generation consists of parents and grandparents, who are people that have a special place in our hearts because they raised us, and we care unconditionally for them.

As a result, having someone that you care about tremendously not liking the person you are dating because of their culture or race is discouraging.

Even though I am black and Hispanic, I have dated girls who are white. Even though both sides of my family tease me about it, they have never made me feel some type of way about it.

On the other hand, when I have met a girl’s family, there have been instances where everything is good, but there have been other times where I felt like I was being judged simply on physical appearance.

Interracial dating is something that should be embraced because the U.S. is a country that embraces the idea of a “melting pot.”

Multiple cultures making up this country is what has been emphasized for years, yet having a love interest with someone else from a different culture can create a problem within some families.

Out of all the races and cultures out there, the type of interracial couple that faces the biggest challenges are a black and white couple, especially a black male with a white female.

I think these two races have the most difficult time based on the historical fact that millions of Africans were enslaved in the United States for many years before finally being free after the Civil War. Also because of the race riots and Jim Crow laws that occurred in southern states during the 1950s-1960s, which was only 50 to 60 years ago.

The idea of a black man going  out with a white girl has also hit the big screen.

Get Out is a movie that came out this year which depicts the story of a black man dating a white woman but the family of the woman is not fond of her black boyfriend. The film delves into the difficulties of dating outside of your race and culture and has gained many high reviews for doing so.

The older generations must adapt to these new ideas because in today’s world, there are so many changes coming about fairly quickly, whether it be socially or technologically.

In order for this generation to make advances and do things like date someone outside of their culture or race, the older generation must let go of their old ideals and let this generation create the change.