Rand Paul continues underdog status


Fox Business Network held it’s latest debate last night partnering up with The Wall Street Journal. The debate overall turned out pleasingly interesting. The moderators were the true winners as they appeared to be knowledgeable on the important questions asked throughout the night.

The worst part of the debate will probably be the ratings. The major barrier is that only 64% of Americans have access to that channel. Fortunately, it was streaming for free online courtesy of the Fox Business website.

Now, who won the debate you ask? Well, many of them were pretty vigorous with the exception of Jeb Bush and John Kasich. The one who finally had multiple moments in the spotlight and his most preeminent debate thus far was Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The man is no Ron Paul and is certainly not leading a libertarian movement like his father Ron did in the 2008 and 2012 elections. He hasn’t been able to raise the money like his father either. However, an advantage he does have is that he is younger and could possibly bring in more young people.

The thing with Rand Paul is that while he has a non-interventionist stance on war and military action, he just can’t quite gather droves of young libertarians and independents who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. They’re are often the ones who are passionate about small government, legalization of marijuana, and enforcing the Constitution.

Rand Paul on stage usually appears as the most mature and well versed on the issues. What he’s particularly robust on is foreign policy and fiscal issues regarding taxes and budgets. “How is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure to the federal government?“

That was one of Rand’s standout performances on stage in response to Marco Rubio’s poor tax plan and his ambition to add a trillion dollars to the already outrageous military budget. In an interview with MSNBC after the debate he also made the contrast between him and Rubio on the issue of who is more fiscally conservative. “I’m going to make sure every American and every Republican knows there’s a difference.”

It should be pointed out that Rand, just like Ron, is not an isolationist that misguided Republican warhawks would like you to believe. The establishment Republicans love spitting out fallacious criticisms toward Rand Paul but fall short. Paul is a non-interventionist.

That means he’d prefer not telling other countries how to run their government, being involved with their internal affairs and not having over 700 military bases in over 60 countries. The latter is according to GlobalResearch.org which is the worldwide network of military bases. If he were an isolationist nation he wouldn’t believe in free trade, immigration, or talking with other countries.

“We cannot be the policeman of the world.” That was uttered by Donald Trump which was a huge surprise despite his call on stronger military presence. However, he completely right and Rand Paul probably agreed with the statement. Although Rand Paul is polling around 6th place with roughly 3 to 5%, there’s a good chance he’ll finally surge by the beginning of next year. His message of small government and obeying the Constitution should resonate with open minded and educated people who will likely be over this Trump and Carson show by January.