Matt and Kim are forever young


Eric Casey

Kim Schifino from the band Matt & Kim

Matt and Kim have been getting some flak over their new album New Glow. Some critics say they never change their sound, while others are saying that they changed their sound in some dramatic way. Honestly, I don’t think there is much to argue over this album.

If anything, I believe that indie pop Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim are The B-52s of the modern era. They are an incredible party band. There is nothing negative about saying that either. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of distinction?

This is their fifth album. Is it drastic from their 2012 album Lightning? It could be said that, no not lyrically, but instrumentally hell yeah! When it comes to the lyrics I do feel what the critics are saying though. The lyrical content feel so intentionally dumbed down and teenager-ish. Especially with “Hoodie On” and “World Is Ending.”

The new album feels like a playlist of mixed material. “Stirred Up” has a trap vibe in there that makes the song more interesting despite it’s cringe-worthy lyrics. Another song with hip hop and trap elements is their moderate alternative hit “Get It” which is a highlight on the album. It has so far peaked at #27 on the US Alternative Singles chart.

Their song “Killin’ Me” leaves me with mixed emotions. I feel like it’s going to be one of those songs that is best played live. They make great use of the horn again just like they did on the opening track “Hey Now.” Speaking of which, it’s the perfect opening to dance your &#$ off to. The horn section is really cool mixed in with hip hop sounds.

Other highlights on the album include “Make A Mess.” Yet another example of a song of theirs that will sound absolutely stellar live, not just from your stereo at a party. The zany video game beats heard throughout the song make it super fun to move around your living room…or a proper dance floor. “Not Alone” is a curiously crafted tune that sounds like their biggest hit “Daylight” at times. “Here comes brighter days, forgot many times, true friends hard to find.”

Lastly, let’s just take a moment and really appreciate one of the best songs of the year to date and what is surely to be a huge staple in their discography. That is “Can You Blame Me.” Surely this song will be remixed sooner than later. It’s definitely a future classic Matt and Kim song. This song aught to be blasting through your speakers this summer as it’s destined to be an indie anthem.

To conclude, some won’t like this record, and diehard fans will treasure it just like I will. The too short album that is New Glow won’t attract a ton of new fans, but it will keep diehards happy. If there’s one thing that can be said about Matt and Kim it’s that they put on a better and more lively show than most bands out their who have multiple members. Seriously, it’s quite the spectacle to see Matt playing keyboard standing up on one foot on his seat and Kim shaking what she’s got while booty bouncing on the hands of the front rows. I rate New Glow 3 ½ out of 5 stars.