Creative Colonel of the Week

Creative Colonel of the Week

What is your name, year, and major? 

My name is Madison Kaminski, and I am a senior Digital Design and Media Art Major. 

What makes you a creative colonel?

I’d say what makes me a creative colonel is I do a lot of creative things and activities. My major is digital design and media art so I do a lot of creative things through there. I do a lot of digital design in that area. I’m also currently learning 3D design, web design, and 2D app developments. In addition to that, I do photography and videography. And even outside of academics I do a lot of creative things. I play music. I am probably the most attracted to photography out of all of those though. 

When did you discover your interest in this and how long have you done it?

Photography is the area I have been attracted to the longest. Even from a young age, I took to it early on. I stuck with it since I was about 11 and continued to develop my skills and interest in it. Especially within the last four or so years working on developing my skills alot with it. I have a wide variety of different cameras I use, and over the years ive upgraded or just tried out new cameras.

How prevalent is this in your life?

For the most part, it is a fun thing I do, every time I travel I have a camera on me. Mostly I take pictures of landscapes or cityscapes. Mostly environmental is my favorite because there is a lot of creativity you can do there as well but I definitely also shoot portraits and events and products and other corporate photography. Slowly it’s turning into a side job though,  over the past year I have been doing more photography for work through internships. And also on my own, I just shot my first wedding. I have a website that I post photos, and I do Instagram a little too but not as much as I should. 

Do you do it alone or with friends?

This is definitely a solo thing, sometimes I collaborate with other people to take pictures of them, or other businesses if they need photos but for the most part its a thing ive been doing on my own.