Programming board organizes new event: Shoe Bingo

A new type of bingo with a twist


Programming boards secretary, Kaelin Hughes and small events chair, Luz Castro assist winners with purchasing shoes, such as Vans, Nike, Converse, Birkenstock, Crocs, Ugg, Fila, Doc Martens and Timberlands.

As COVID-19 restrictions lessen, more
in-person events are able to take place.
Last week, programming board hosted its
first in-person bingo of the semester, Shoe
Bingo, on Feb. 10 in the ballroom.
Campus was remote for the first two
weeks of the spring semester due to the
peak in cases of COVID-19. This decision
also affected the events that were hosted
by clubs and organizations, one being
programming board.
However, as cases went down and the
COVID-19 Task Force revisited plans, this
event and many others are now able to take
Shoe Bingo is different from the other
bingos hosted in the past. Megan Pitts,
programming board adviser, created the
idea and the board picked different brands
of shoes for winners to choose from.
“We are all so used to picking prizes for

these events so we figured we would let the
crowd pick what they wanted,” said Maddy
Yeager, programming board president and
P2 pharmacy major.
At past bingos, the winners played to win
the prizes that Yeager and the rest of her
board picked for the event. This type of
bingo allows the winner to pick what they
like with the correct sizing.
Yeager was joined by Kaelin Hughes,
sophomore political science and history
major and secretary, as her co-host of
the night. Hughes entertained the crowd
between rounds with shoe puns and
knock-knock jokes, while Yeager kept the
crowd engaged by using a call and response
A powerpoint made by junior marketing
major and marketing chair, Felicia Clark,
allowed students playing to easily know
what type of bingo and what prizes were
being given during each round.
“It’s easier on us and the crowd when it

comes to communication during these
events,” said Clark. “It makes time go a
little faster when it is up on the board for
Types of bingo for this event included
the regular bingo, letter X, four corners,
diagonal and coverall.
Prizes for this bingo were all shoes,
which included Vans, Nike, Converse,
Birkenstock, Crocs, Ugg, Fila, Doc
Martens and more. The big prize for the
coverall bingo at the end of the event was
Winners were given a brand of shoe
and price range to choose from. The price
range for the shoes ranged from $70 for
Crocs up to $200 for Timberlands and as
each round progressed, the price range for
the brands increased.
The range of price allowed the winner to
only pick one shoe. The range was not for
winners to buy more than one shoe that
would come to a total of the price range

they were given.
“It would not have been fair if one winner
bought more than one (pair of shoes) while
another winner came out of the event with
four,” said Luz Castro, first year secondary
education and history major, as well as
small events chair.
Winners’ prizes will be available for
pickup once their order ships and arrives
at the school. More information and
questions can be directed to programming
board’s email at [email protected].
Next week, programming board will
be hosting Couch Potato. The food and

everything else at the event will be potato-
themed and will be held on Feb. 17 at 7

p.m. in the ballroom.
More information can be found by
attending programming board’s meetings
every other Thursday at noon in the Miller
Room or by following their Instagram
page @wilkesupb.