Sordoni Art Gallery hosts family hour event for the public

Jan Lokuta gives lecture on American artists

On Feb. 11, the Sordoni Art Gallery
hosted its first family hour of 2022. The
event celebrated Thomas Moran and
George Catlin, who were both American
artists involved with the Realism period of
art history.
Jan Lokuta, a 1972 graduate of Wilkes,
hosted a lecture about the artists and
brought in his own sketches he created for
people to color. Lokuta went into detail
about the history of Catlin and Moran.
Catlin, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., was a
lawyer by trade like Lokuta himself who
gave up the practice to become an artist.
Catlin was known to suggest a national
park and Lokuta went into detail about the
story of the bison and the tribes.
Moran was born in England but raised
in Philadelphia. His work focused on the
landscape of Yellowstone and the Hudson
Lokuta’s sketches at the event were
based on three paintings of Moran’s, one
including “Catawissa Autumn 1865.” This
series of sketches made by Lokuta are
known as “To Road to Yellowstone Starts
All attendees were able to learn more
about the works and life of famous
artists, Catlin and Moran. After listening
to Lokuta’s lecture they were able to
participate in celebrating Moran’s work by
coloring in the sketches Lokuta drew.
Afterward, guests were able to talk to
Lokuta and ask any questions they had
about his or the other two artists’ works.
Before leaving they were encouraged
to take a look around the Sordoni Art
Gallery’s current exhibition, Juan Logan:
Creating and Collecting if they had not
already seen it.
The Sordoni Art Gallery will be hosting
“A Special Evening with Juan Logan” on
Feb. 16 on Zoom. The Juan Logan exhibit
will be open to the public until March 13.
More information about events
concerning the exhibit can be found by
emailing the director of the Sordoni Art
Gallery Heather Sincavage at heather.
[email protected] or by following
their Instagram page @sordonigallery.