Center for Career and Development holds Spring 2019 Career & Internship Fair

The Career and Development Center hosted 95 organizations at their annual Career and Internships fair this past Thursday, March 28, in the University Center on Main at Wilkes University.

The event was planned to help students connect and introduce themselves to actual people from organizations and possible future employers as well as just giving students the opportunity to work on marketing themselves.

Carol Bosack Kosek is the Director of Career Development and Internships and has worked in the Career and Development Center here at Wilkes University for 25 years. She has been planning the Career and Internship fair for the last 20 or so years.

“It’s always been a really good vehicle for people to get jobs, internships or get used to practicing how to do your elevator speech and shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself to get over the nervousness,” said Bosack.

As students, no matter what class, the Career and Development Center stresses that it is important to be planning ahead for internships to gain experience and for their careers after graduation.

“It’s good for us students to see what’s out there,” said Benjamin Gibson, senior electrical engineering major at Wilkes University.

Having an internship on your resume is also beneficial because it shows that you have relevant experience in your field and that you are able and willing to put in the work. There is always a chance the that you have an internship that you don’t really see yourself pursuing into a job and that’s good to find out before you graduate and are looking for full time work.

“Internships are very important because it gives you a sense of what you want to do and what you don’t want to do so it can help you narrow down the option,” said Yasmeen Ahmed, junior psychology major at Wilkes University.

The Career and Internship fair gives students the opportunity to make connections while also boosting their confidence when it comes to introducing themselves to possible employers.

“The most important thing is that they have made a connection with an actual person because everything is so computer based and now you have someone you can ask questions to, that you have actually given your resume to,” said Bosack.

Being proactive and following up is also an important aspect of getting an internship or job as well as just thanking those that have helped you get to where you are or may be going. A thank you or check in is always appreciated and it could set you apart from others in the field.

One of the most important factors in finding an internship or job is networking. You could get your dream job by just introducing yourself to someone who knows someone. All you have to do it show up and introduce yourself.

“One thing I hope to gain is more networking abilities and being able to talk to employers and just to really get my resume out there,” said James Dotter, senior sports management major at Wilkes University.

The next Career and Internship fair will be in the Fall of 2019 so there will be many more opportunities for students to grow their network and learn more about internships and employment opportunities in the area and beyond.

Wilkes University Career and Development Center is always an available resource to assist students in creating or re-working resumes as well as holding mock interviews to help students become more prepared for the workforce.

If you have any questions on the Career and Internship Fair or the Career and Development Center contact Carol Bosack at [email protected] or Sharon Castano at [email protected]