Beyond the beauty: Symbolism of flowers


While it seems most flower buying decisions come down to personal taste and vibrant colors, certain flowers have carried symbolic meanings for centuries. Beyond the beautiful coloring, there may be more to the gesture than meets the eye. Consider the following as you shop for flowers this Valentines Day:


In general, carnations are thought to express a fascination with the receiver. Carnations are also a lesser-used symbolism of love. Be careful, however. While red carnations symbolize deep, passionate love and white symbolize pure and true love, yellow carnations are symbolic of disappointment and rejection.


Daisies are traditionally known to symbolize purity, innocence and loyal love. Red daisies, in particular, are thought to be an expression of beauty unbeknownst to the beholder.


White lilies are expressive of purity while scarlet lilies are meant for aspirations. Orange are traditionally associated with negative emotions.


While red and purple tulips represent undying love, white tulips express one-sided love and yellow tulips represent hopeless love.

Editor’s Note: Symbolic meanings are printed as described by Teleflora.