Politically Unapologetic: Rand Paul is out, but now who do I vote for?

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has dropped out of the Republican Presidential primaries. After a disappointing 5th place finish in Iowa with only 4.5% of the vote, it is now over. That leaves no one left on either side of the party lines to defend Libertarians.

As a Libertarian I’m truly disappointed by this news. However, I knew it was coming. I think he needs to focus on re-election in his state of Kentucky because he is now being challenged in his state for the senate race. He needs a couple of years to become a great statesman.

I believe he can be the next Ted Kennedy. Ted was a popular Democrat senator for his state and was known throughout Washington. Rand Paul will continue to fight for Libertarian values (values that used to be embraced around the time of our founding fathers) that I stand by. He’s not like his dad Ron Paul (who I voted for in 2012), but he’s the best we have.

Ted Cruz is fake and any Libertarian voting for him isn’t a true Libertarian‬. If John Kasich drops out of the GOP primaries before they hit PA, then I’ll switch from Libertarian to Democrat to vote Bernie Sanders. However, I already know that I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate running for President.