Liz’s Craft Column: Adding a hint of Irish with a festive wreath

Liz Cherinka, Social Media Manager

Celebrated on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that originated from the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. He is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, and the holiday commemorates Saint Patrick’s death on March 17, 461 A.D.. What began as a religious holiday and originally came to America with Irish migrations has now become a commercialized holiday celebrated all over the United States. 

In the spirit of the St. Patrick’s Day season, this pom pom wreath is sure to add the hint of Irish that your space has been needing. 

This wreath is affordable and easy to make. The only required materials are white yarn, different shades of green yarn, an embroidery hoop, hot glue, scissors, a fork and a green foam sheet. The shades of green are up to one’s preference, and the hoop can be as large or as small as preferred as well. The example uses a small hoop and two shades of green yarn. Any of these supplies can be purchased on Amazon or at a craft store, such as Joann Fabrics or Michaels.

To begin, make the pom poms. Grab the first color of yarn and start wrapping it around the fork over and over again to make a large spool. Leave extra space on the top and bottom of the fork in order to secure it later. 

The size of the spool is proportional to the size of the pom pom, but as the spool gets larger, the harder it is to cut and secure. Once the spool is as large as preferred, cut the end of the yarn attached to the ball. Run a string of yarn through the middle prong on the bottom of the fork and then through the middle prong on the top until the ends meet. Then, tie the ends together as tight as possible.

Carefully, slide the yarn spool off of the fork. If the tie in the middle is too loose, grab more yarn and re-tie it tighter. The pom-pom will fall apart if this is not tight enough; however, do not get discouraged if one pom pom falls apart. Cut the extra yarn still attached to the ball.

Now, cut every loop of yarn on both ends. It is okay if they are not cut evenly. Once all the loops are cut, rearrange the yarn pieces to resemble a ball. Then, cut any yarn pieces that are abnormally long. The middle tie may still be visible, but the pom pom can be arranged on the wreath in a way that it cannot be seen.

Repeat these steps for as many pom poms as needed and in as many colors as preferred. Once enough pom poms are made to circle the whole hoop, it is time to form them into a wreath.

Using hot glue, glue each pom pom onto the hoop in a circle in whichever order preferred. They can be in a random order or in a pattern. Once the whole hoop is full, it is time to add just a little bit of St. Patty’s Day flair.

Using the foam sheet, cut out a shamrock with three or four leaves, depending on how lucky you feel. Using hot glue again, glue the shamrock onto the wreath in whichever position preferred, and add as many as wanted.

Once this is done, display the wreath anywhere, and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.