Student paves the way for her department leading by example

Dan Z. Johnson

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Jillian Ehret, Wilkes University Senior and double major in international studies and political science,  paved the way for other students as she finished her internship with the United Nations.

She participated in the internship for six weeks, in New York, for half of the summer.

Her duties with the Mission and the UN consisted primarily of attending meetings concerning global issues of social and economic development, taking detailed notes, and reporting back to her fellow delegates as well as the Ambassador on where Jamaica stands with these issues, and what resolutions will benefit their country and other Caribbean states the very most from that region’s perspective. She focused on social and economic development.

“I learned so much about important concerns the world is facing, as well as how to push my limits and work ethic. It gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn their perspectives on global issues, and how we can better come together with the goal to resolve these issues,” Ehret says.

She continues to say that the internship made her stronger, made her grow, and it provided her with a daily reminder of how important it is to keep an “open and positive mind”.

Andreea Maierean, Assistant Professor of Political Science and the Coordinator of International Studies describes Ehret as an “intelligent, capable and persevering young student.”

“She is also independent, patient and flexible. She gets seriously involved in any projects she does and we are particularly proud of her commitment and diligence during the UN internship,” She continues.

Maierean says that she views Jillian Ehret as a role model for other students in the department since she is always ready to volunteer while doing it in a kind, supportive and compassionate way.

“Jill is one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. She’s a very ambiguous and passionate student as well as an encouraging and compassionate friend and because of that, I believe she possesses the skills to be a great leader,” Lanai Galarza, a friend of Ehret says.

Galarza and Ehret have known each other for three years after meeting in art 101 and then gaining a closer relationship when they began working together.

Ehret heard about the internship opportunity from her advisor sophomore year, and she knew immediately that she needed to do whatever she could to experience it. She loves attending the lectures from the UN officials on campus and she took advantage of them to learn more about the program and make connections.

Before getting the internship, Ehret went on trips with Wilkes and the International Studies and Political Science department to visit the UN, which made her even more interested in the internship.

Maierean knew that Ehret’s “passion for International Relations” would make her a great fit for the UN program.

“I also participated in Wilkes Alternative Spring Break the past three years, where we travel to less fortunate places both domestically and internationally to do acts of community service, work with children, learn about other cultures and really understand how lucky we with each day that comes,” Ehret says.

She continued to say that the alternative spring break trips introduced her to some of the most “wonderful people on campus,” as well as let her experience one of her favorite parts of being at Wilkes, but also experiences that she will be able to take with her throughout the rest of her lifetime.

Maierean would like to encourage students to participate in the United Nations Lecture Series program, a program which was launched in 2011. The program brings UN officials to campus throughout the year for lecture and informal meetings with students. Wilkes University is the only Northeast Pennsylvania higher education institution participating in the program.

She also offers a piece of advice to students which is, “to get out of their comfort zone and grab all academic and extra-curricular opportunities Wilkes has to offer.”

Ehret says that she chose Wilkes because of the atmosphere. She said that she knew she wants meant to come here.