MSOC: Overtime goal from Rangers breaks Colonel win streak

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. — On Patriot Day, the men’s soccer team hosted Drew University in a non-conference match where Drew prevailed in overtime to defeat the Colonels 1-0.

“We just came off a really good game against Juniata,” said head coach Michael Piranian. “We were knocking the ball around well and I was hoping we would have a similar level of play; our style just didn’t seem to show out. We are searching for different guys and different ways to win the game.”

Wilkes started the game off strong, popping off several shots on goal and controlling the pace of the first half. Four shot attempts and two corner kicks later, Drew started to get into the game and cannon off shots.

The Rangers had yet to see a victory this season and were eager to get their first win. They stepped up their intensity after the Colonels attempted a bombardment of shots on goal and two corner kicks.

As Drew increased their physicality, Wilkes also stepped up their game.

“They brought it to us, that was probably our most physical game of the season,” said senior goalkeeper Zachary Tone.

Both teams battled back and forth throughout the entire 90 minute contest. First-year forward Herbert Ramirez had the opportunity to put Wilkes up by one a round the 80th minute mark, but as fate would have it, Ramirez just barely missed the goal and the Colonels went into overtime.

“I’m a lefty, and I hit it on my right foot,” said Ramirez. “I think it just slightly went wide. The whole game I was using my left foot, so they knew I would cut to my left. I decided to cut right instead to get more open and it was just unlucky.”

With the minutes dwindling down on the clock, the Colonels were scrambling to rattle off a goal. First-year midfielder Park Scott was able to rattle off two shots within the final two minutes of the game. As luck would have it, his shots were oh- so-close to hitting the back of the net.

Within the final 10 seconds of regulation, a last second heave off the boot of junior defender Vincent Ippolito looked clean to break the plane and crown Wilkes victorious, but a heroic save by Drew’s Alex Idrovo would give the Rangers a little more time to duke it out with the Colonels.

Heading into overtime, Wilkes was locked-in looking to maintain their unblemished record. The Colonels took to the ball right off the bat as they maintained control of the ball for the vast majority of the 10 minute overtime frame.

Within the final minute of overtime, Christian Tyson, a sophomore midfielder from Drew, broke past the wall of Colonel defenders and cranked the ball barely past the fingertips of Tone.

“In the end, it just seemed like they wanted it more,” said Tone. “We came short at the end, but I thought we battled well and matched their physicality.”

The Colonels look to bounce back from this loss as they return to the field tonight at Susquehanna University at 7 p.m.

The Beacon/Ariel Reed – Senior goalkeeper, Zachary Tone quickly rolled the ball out to his teammate to try and get the offense going.