Female Athlete of the Week: Kacee Diehl

The Beacon: Senior Spotlight Why Kacee Diehl was selected: Diehl has been a reliable force for the Colonels’ defensive line. She started all 18 games and shot 100 percent during the 2019-2020 season.


Ariel Reed

Female Athlete of the Week: Kacee Diehl

Name: Kacee Diehl

Year: Senior

Majors: Accounting & Finance

Hometown: Drums, Pa.

High School: Hazleton Area HS

Position: Defender

When did you decide to start your sport?

My best friend and I decided to play field hockey in fourth grade. Now, she plays for Scranton, and we have competed against each other every year so far, which is funny.

Why did you choose to play your sport?

At first, it was a fun thing for me and my friends to do, so it was more for the social aspect. As I continued with field hockey, I really started to love playing, and I also loved how it forced me to stay in shape.

Best sports memory at Wilkes?

My favorite memories with the team are when we would go to the Susquehanna tournament each year at the end of our preseason. This was always such a fun time because we would stay overnight and it was an opportunity for the whole team to really bond. It was a nice break coming right from preseason and is a fun start to the beginning of the regular season.

Best non-sports memory at Wilkes?

My best memories are mostly with my teammates and friends that I’ve met throughout the last couple years. I cannot pick just one, but the memories that stick are the ones I got to spend hanging out with the people that are now my best friends.

Favorite thing to do during practice?

My favorite thing to do in practice is fun conditioning drills. We have a favorite game called Moneyball that is super fun and competitive, but at the same time, you are so exhausted afterward.

Advice for underclassmen?

It is going to be a little tougher now with COVID-19, but try to get involved with as many things as you can while you’re here because, even though we go to a smaller school, we have the advantage of being able to do a lot of things. Use this time to learn and grow and figure out what you want and go from there.

Post-graduation plans?

Immediately after graduation, I plan to start studying for the CPA exam. Hopefully by that time, I have accepted a position in either auditing or tax at a public accounting firm. I have no idea where I want to work, so opportunity is going to be a major role in the decision of my work location.

Favorite place to eat?

I really like eating at the buffet in Whole Foods. I don’t know if that is my favorite, but it’s definitely up there.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

Right now, probably Gmail.

Most influential person in your life and why?

The most influential person in my life is my grandma. I always admired how she keeps her house so clean, how she is always reading a new book, how she did the crossword puzzle in the newspaper she read everyday, and how active she continues to be. She is definitely a very bright woman, and she does so much to keep her mind and body healthy and happy. She is also so invested in my life and my family’s life. These are all super simple, little things, but I think they are significant too.

Quote to live your life by?

“Your potential is endless.”

Anyone to give a shoutout to?

I want to shout out to Sarah Myers, who was our field hockey coach my freshman and sophomore year, Dr. Wang, my advisor, and Professor Chisarick.

– Compiled by Ariel Reed, Co-Sports Editor