(The Halloween version of) Getting to know… Glenn Weist


Purvit Patel

Junior football player, Glenn Weist

Name: Glenn Weist

Major: Criminology

Year: Junior

Position: Defensive Back

Q: What was your favorite Halloween and why?
A: My favorite Halloween would have to be all of them when I was younger, because I miss being able to go around and get free candy.

Q: Favorite Candy?
A: Reese’s Cups

Q: Name the scariest costume you’ve ever seen, and tell why?
A: The scariest costume I ever saw was definitely Jigsaw, because it was late at night and I was walking home, and he was casually standing in an alleyway.

Q: What was your driving force to attend Wilkes University?
A: It was close to home, and I could further my football career.

Q: If you could change one thing about Wilkes’ campus, what would it be?
A: If I could change one thing about Wilkes, I would definitely move the fields, and athletic complex closer to campus.

Q: What would you say is your proudest moment as a college athlete?
A: My proudest moment as an athlete would definitely be beating Del Val last year under the lights at home.

Q: What does “Be Colonel” mean to you?
A: “Be Colonel” means doing the right thing and doing the best you can.

Q: Do you have a message to any of your fans?
A: If anyone has the same costume as mine, I will swipe for you at pod.

Q: What are your hobbies and pastimes outside of your sport?
A: Hanging out with my roommates Tanner, Marcellus, Fitz and Adrian. Some other things I enjoy doing is beating Marcellus in 2k, and Fitz in Naruto.

Q: Lastly, what does it mean to you to be a Wilkes University Colonel?
A: Being a Colonel is a unique title that all of us here can share so to me it means being studious, committed, and hardworking to achieve your goals in the class room as well as the field.