Getting to know… Dre Roberts

Senior Football Player


Purvit Patel

Senior Football Player, Dre Roberts

Name: Dre Roberts

Year: Senior

Major(s): Criminology and Sociology

Minor (s): Psychology

Hometown: Dunellen, New Jersey

High School: Dunellen High School

Position: Defensive Back

Q: What was the driving force for your decision to come to Wilkes?

A: The balance between academics and athletics. I felt as though I couldn’t find that in other schools. Yes I got recruited to play football here, but the academic side is just as important to me.

Q: What are your hopes for the upcoming season?

A: To “Find A Way” in the words of my head coach Trey Brown. As a team we struggled to finish close games in the second half. My hope is we can turn that around if we can manage to do, I expect a winning season for the team.

Q: What are your hopes for your next season as a Colonel?

A: As a team, compete and finish towards the top of the conference, personally I just want to be one of the most dominant players at my position.

Q: A quote you live your life by?

A: Nothing worth having comes easy. You want something in life you work for it, there are always going to be obstacles in life but all obstacles can be overcome. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

Q: What does “Be Colonel” mean to you?

A: What Be Colonel means to me: family, and hard work. We are all Colonels and that’s something we all have in common. Also I believe from academics to athletics us as Colonels all work extremely hard.

Q: If you could have dinner with a famous person from the past, who would it be?

A: Muhammad Ali, I just admire his work ethic, and the way he about life and his profession. His mentality, and philosophy about many things I would like to talk to him about.

Q: Does the Wilkes Football team have anything they would like to inform the student body?

A: Just be ready for a good season, the team has been hard at work.