Co-curricular allows students to “Roast and Toast” coaches, professors

Evan Willey, Sports Writer

In honor of teacher appreciation week,  Zebra Communications has something special up its sleeves.

The Embrace a Child in Tanzania account team for Spring 2016 has prepared an event that allows students to honor some of their favorite professors and coaches, while raising awareness and funds for their account.

The group is hosting the Roast N’ Toast of local educators and coaches as  well as a favorite wing eating competition. The event will take place April 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Wilkes University’s Henry Student Center ballroom. There will be an entrance fee of $5 that covers all the wings and other foods you can eat, not to mention the chance to roast and/or toast your professor or coach.

Students are encouraged to get up on stage and say a few things about one of their mentors that has left a lasting impression on them. It will cost $1 a minute to roast or toast your mentor of choice. There will also be a DJ present entertaining the audience in between speeches.

The main goal of this event is to raise awareness of issues in Tanzania, especially inequalities in access to education for the general public.

The event also plans to raise funds to sponsor two young girls and a  young boy from Tanzania for education, clothing, school supplies, etc.

Dr. Linda Winkler, founder of the organization, has a desired amount of $3,000 to raise this semester for three young children who cannot afford to obtain an education, and it is for this reason that the ECA account team are holding the event.

Any excess funds will support Kihinga George, a success story from the EAC account team. Throughout the years, all the funds Zebra has raised has given Kihinga the opportunity to go to high school and receive a diploma. He is now enrolled in a Tanzanian University because of the volunteerism at Wilkes. To continue this legacy of providing for others, the EAC account team is more motivated than ever to reach their goal.

Zebra Communications is a student run public relations agency from Wilkes University. This semester, the advanced PR class is not just a public relations class, but also an integrative media class.

Jane Elmes-Crahall and Sarah Moore co-teach the course to a mix of communication studies majors and integrative media majors, brought together to combine their individual skills for a better outcome.

Both professors have chosen the accounts Zebra will be taking and which students will work on each account team together. Working on the Embrace a Child in Tanzania account are returning account members: Evan Willey, Marcus Leaf, and Rachel Leandri. This account team has two new members: Eric Casey and Annie Stauffer, who have never worked on the Embrace a Child account team before.

The account team is very excited for this event and encourages everyone to come out and celebrate teacher appreciation week with a Roast N’ Toast of Your Prof or Coach. This will be a chance reminisce with your educators while raising money for a great cause.

Logo by Zebra Communications
Logo by Zebra Communications