Field hockey season recap

Last Wednesday, the Wilkes field hockey team entered the MAC Freedom Tournament for a rematch with FDU-Florham. After last year’s 1-0 loss, the Colonels looked to redeem themselves. However, FDU-Florham would again get the best of the Colonels and defeat them 4-1, ending their season.

Sophomore Forward Keighlyn Oliver provided the only offense for the team as she scored a goal in the 65th minute of the game.

Even though they had an early exit, the Colonels did however have a great regular season. They compiled a 10-9 record, and went 4-3 in conference play. This roster is filled with talent in every position; for a team that is only losing three seniors, this is a bright spot to build on. Oliver will be sad to see the leaders of the team go.

“Our seniors Lexi Thompson, Alexis Reed and Savannah McCauley led the team,” she said. “They were great examples, friends and teammates who pushed us to get us to where we needed to be.”

Next year, Junior Midfielder Maura Anistranski will be back on the field in full health after suffering a season ending injury in the first conference game of the season.

Coach Sara Myers was not only impressed with her whole team this season, but what the teams of the next couple of years will look like. She has been impressed with freshman backs Hayley Gayoski and Alyssa Adams as well as goalkeeper Dallas Kendra.

“Haley is one of the most talented defenders in our conference. She is a solid force and she controls our defensive circle,” said Coach Sara Myers.

“Alyssa Adams has been impressive as our left back,” she continued. “Her speed, knowledge, and game sense make her a standout.”

“Dallas Kendra has been our starting goal keeper all season. As a freshman, she has been put in many high pressure situations and has handled herself like a seasoned veteran. She is exactly what we needed this year.”    

Although her field hockey playing days for the Colonels have come to an end, senior forward Savannah McCauley has gathered a lot of memories not only while on the field but off it as well.

“I have a ton of awesome memories with this team,” she explains. “A few of my favorites include our swimming pool workout this preseason, our costume practices, and our game against Eastern where we really came together as a team.”

As the Colonels look forward to next season, they also must look back to this season. If you are not able to build chemistry and have every player out there giving their 100%, then success may not occur.

“This was the first team that I played on that no one ever really considered each other as freshman, sophomore, junior or senior,” McCauley explains. “We all viewed and respected each other as the same, and sometimes I would forget the age differences. I think that’s what made the team so special.”

Marissa Surdy prepares for the upcoming playoff game at a recent practice.
Marissa Surdy prepares for the upcoming playoff game at a recent practice.