Our Voice: Spring is an underrated and beautiful season

Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year and often underappreciated. There are many nice things to see and to do during this season, so here are some reasons as to why everyone should appreciate it more.

First, spring marks the end of winter, when nature becomes alive again. As people begin to defrost from the frigid winter temperatures, birds are back to singing in the morning, tiny critters are roaming around in the grass and flowers are in full bloom too.

Although the spring brings about allergies for some people, it usually lasts a short while, especially if they take their allergy medications. However, “spring fever” is real and can last for the whole season. The best remedy for such a fever is to just relax and ride it out.

Also, since spring allows for more sunny days in comparison to winter and its harsh conditions, feeling the sun on our faces not only feels good physically but has many health benefits. The sun helps people produce vitamin D in their bodies, improves sleep patterns and produces serotonin in the brain, which boosts people’s emotional well-being. Enjoy the sun, but never forget to wear sunscreen! 

During the spring season there is so much people can get back to doing and specifically outside due to the warm weather. People can go for long walks, bike around their neighborhood, go for a picnic with friends or get back to tending their yards and gardens.

Even though springtime is a time for rebirth in nature, people can do a little bit of rebirth and refreshing in their homes with some spring cleaning. This has become an annual ritual for some people in their households and typically involves cleaning out closets, donating unwanted items and cleaning and organizing the entire home.

Most people always talk about how they cannot wait for the summer when they are bearing the brutal winter season, despite the fact that spring comes directly after winter. Thus, some argue that summer is superior to spring, whereas others argue spring is superior to summer.

Spring can be seen as being a better season than the summer because of the big difference in temperatures between both seasons. While spring begins to warm up the temperature outside, summer heats it up. 

Like the phrase goes “April showers bring May flowers.” Rain might occur frequently during springtime, allowing for more temperate days, whereas in the summer, it is blazing hot and constantly dry, making an average person break out in a sweat indoors or outdoors while doing simple tasks.

Lastly, spring is so great because of an important day a majority of the world celebrates annually on April 22, which is Earth Day. 

According to National Geographic, “Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations.”

Not only is this season a great reminder of how beautiful our planet is with all the trees, plants and flowers blossoming into full bloom and the animals returning to their normal activities post-hibernation, but it is also a reminder that all of us humans need to do our part in protecting what is left of our beautiful planet earth.

Spring is a pretty season that only occurs for a short couple of months during the year. Therefore, we should not take it for granted and instead show this beautiful season more love than most of us do now.