Meme accounts taking the entire campus by storm


An example of a campus-related meme, posted by @becolonel.

For me personally, I think one of the biggest ways I have coped with the woes and hardships of college is making light of them. Sarcastic comments. Over exaggerations. Late night rants to friends. A close friend’s story on Snapchat. Making light of troubles almost makes them seem smaller, or adds a sense of acceptance to them. 

All that being said, I really did not have any large hardship during my college years. We are very fortunate to be receiving our education at such a lovely campus. I have heard some stories that made me shudder from friends who attend other universities. Those universities will remain unnamed. 

Of course, there are some things at Wilkes that we all like to poke fun at: the awkward design of some buildings, the dangers of every crosswalk on campus, the very interesting looking colonel mascot, oh, and of course all the money we have to pay. That’s a riot. 

A year or two ago we saw the emergence of Instagram accounts, which are not affiliated with Wilkes, making memes about life at Wilkes. I personally adore these accounts and think they are very much needed. 

As I mentioned before, seeing something relatable creates a little frisson of joy, and a feeling of not being alone in the foibles of secondary academia. They bond us together, transcending dividers like major and class year. If you’re a creeper and go through the likes and followers, people of all different years and majors follow them. Even some faculty members follow them on the low. 

That being said, some of them are “niche memes” specific in content and relate to a particular part of campus, whether it be a department or a dorm hall, for example. That makes those of us who are not familiar with such aspects learn something new about the campus many of us call home in a fun and sometimes sarcastic way.

The OG Instagram account that I’m sure you at least know about, if you do not already follow them, is @becolonel. I remember that phrase being used heavily during the strong years of the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging us to be resistant and adaptable. I get the sentiment, but there is not much figurative language and play-off-words you can do with “colonel,” so I understand how it is “meme-able.” 

As I previously said, our mascot is quite a distinct image, so he makes an appearance in almost all of the memes posted. His comical depiction is automatically fun. Adding more graphic elements and a witty caption make him all the more endearing, and as a result seeing him displayed around the campus carries this fun feeling and energy. 

That being said, I believe that there is a new Wilkes meme account on the block. I believe their handle is @atwilkesyouwill. It conveniently coincides with the new branding we have around campus. 

Now, let me make it clear that I love this as a phrase the university is employing. We go to a lovely school, and there are tons of opportunities. In my opinion, considerably more than other colleges and universities in this area. That being said, I’m sure your group of friends make light of this phrase as well. Adding sarcastic, often pessimistic words after “will.”

Even though the university does not understandably claim these accounts, I am pleased that they are allowing them to stay posted. Having the official, university-run accounts and then the parody student-ran ones adds a nice balance. 

They make us seem less like a stuffy institution and more so a place where you can find yourself, and laugh at your mistakes along the way. They add a much needed play air to the daunting era college can be. Poking fun at things like residence, food and even professors is necessary at times.