Bre’s Beats: A variety of songs you need on your playlist

Over the last few months, plenty of new music has been released and loved by fans across the globe. If you are looking for something new or are tired of listening to the same songs on repeat, then look no further.


as long as you care – Ruel

The young Australian singer released his first single in almost a year, and it’s astounding. Using his signature sound of pop and soul that relies heavily on instrumental, and his unmistakable but unique voice, “as long as you care” is a song you cannot miss out on. The catchy lyrics and upbeat melody make it impossible not to instantly put the track on repeat and sing along.

The single is the beginning of a new era for Ruel, as an accompanying EP is set to release titled, “Bright Lights and Red Eyes,” which is hinted at multiple times throughout the chorus. “as long as you care” needs a place on your playlist, especially if you are looking for something brand new and different.


Magnolia (Alone) – August Kamp

Although this song is off an album released in 2019 entitled “19: The Musical,” the fresh indie-pop sounds of up-and-coming artist August Kamp needs to be added to your playlist. “Magnolia (Alone)” immediately pulls you in from the beginning and uses rare techniques to keep listeners wanting more.

Every lyric is incredibly honest, and while the whole song tells a meaningful story, it will immediately become a new favorite the moment you hear it. Between a combination high energy beats and slow but sultry vocals from Kamp, this song is sure to become one you can’t get enough of.


Kill My Time – 5 Seconds of Summer

The well- known and loved Australian band surprised fans by unexpectedly dropping an extended version of their latest album “CALM,” which was released in March and featured an unreleased song. “Kill My Time” is an instant hit and showcases not only the band’s musicianship, but frontman Luke Hemmings’ incredible vocals. The pop rock sound that 5SOS has claimed over the last few years is evident throughout this song, which only enhances the appeal of the new track. Longtime fans of the group will not only enjoy the newest taste of their music, but will fall in love with this single. If you are looking for something new with memorable lyrics and a melody that will lift you mood, “Kill My Time” is the song for you.


Backyard Boy – Claire Roosinkranz 

If you have been on TikTok at all in the last few months, you may have heard this song a couple hundred times. Everything about “Backyard Boy” is easily lovable, from the indie feel to the lyrics one cannot help but sing along to.

The song got its start on the popular social media app, but deserves to be heard by everyone. It’s an instant mood-lifter and sure to make individuals smile – let alone become a fan-favorite rather quickly. The lighthearted lyrics and melody are aspects that are missing in a lot of music today, but Rosinkranz, a relatively unknown artist, captures both aspects perfectly.


Cardigan – Taylor Swift

“Cardigan,” the leading single from her record-breaking album, “folklore,” is not only a work of songwriting and musical genius, but is a one-of-a-kind song. Part of the intricate storytelling that Swift used throughout the album, this song captures heartbreak and love in stunning lyrics, while displaying the change in Swift’s latest pop sound. Taking on the alternative and indie tone of music, “Cardigan” is definitely a song that should be on one’s playlist, if only to experience the honest and true emotions that are openly portrayed and only add to how incredible the single is overall.

Make sure to add these songs, and you will potentially discover your next favorite. You won’t regret it.